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Whoever examines with attention the history of the dearths and famines … will find, I believe, that a dearth never has arisen from any combination among the inland dealers in corn, nor from any other cause but a real scarcity, occasioned sometimes perhaps, and in some particular places, by the waste of war, but in by far the greatest number of cases by the fault of the seasons; and that a famine has never arisen from any other cause but the violence of government attempting, by improper means, to remedy the inconveniences of a dearth. (Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations IV.5.44)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Dirt on the Cherilyn Eagar Dirt Diggers

On today's Bob Lonsberry Show, Bob became the first media outlet to publicly discuss an interesting incident a decade ago in US Senate Candidate Cherilyn Eagar's past. Briefly, it was during a time when Eagar was campaigning for Pat Buchanan in Connecticut and had, under advice from the campaign lawyer, signed off on petitions to have Buchanan be on the ballot. Apparently Eagar (and three others) inadvertently overlooked some legal procedure and which resulted in Eagar being assessed a fine of $6000. Eagar paid the fine, and things were cleared up and most anyone in Utah could probably have cared less about this situation as it seemed both in the way it happened to Eagar and her honest approach to the situation seem to if anything point to Eagar's character in appropriately handling an oversight.

That is, no one cared until someone emailed Lonsberry a copy of the CT verdict on the eve of Eagar's inaugural interview with Lonsberry yesterday. Lonsberry had both the keenness and integrity to know that someone was attempting to use him to smear Eagar and refrained from discussion on the matter during yesterday's interview. During today's broadcast he spent ample time pondering who might have sent such a letter including the thoughts of it being from one of the campaigns. Nacilbupera will not participate in speculation as to where it might have come from (no, it didn't come from us: Nacilbupera is a big enough microphone for us.)

But this incident prompted us to do our own digging on how this story no one cared about even arose in the first place and discovered some very interesting things!

The CT petition story first appeared on Cherilyn Eagar's Wikipedia page on Jan 1st of this year submitted by user "Sunpoppi". Of course, Nacilbupera wondered who the heck Sunpoppi was especially since the user hadn't taken advantage of creating a user page which the user can write about themselves. In further research, we found that Sunpoppi had indeed written
a fair amount about themselves during using a mobile wiki site which we republish here:

Just want to clarify that I do not know Mrs. Eagar, do not live in the State of Utah and have no affiliation with either side of this campaign. I only became aware of Mrs. Eagar after reading her letter to the editor in a Bay Area magazine in January of 2009. She was commenting on a vote that had taken place in my home state of California. Because of her letter, and her involvement in campaigning for a vote that took place outside of her home state, I was interested in finding out exactly who Cherilyn Eagar was and what she stood for. It was surprising to find that she was running for local office in her home state. Intrigued, further digging found that it was not possible to find actual publications for all of the citations for which she claimed authorship. Further research uncovered people who knew her from her time in Connecticut and from performing in a local theater group. There is no doubt that she is a very dynamic woman with many interesting stories. Although there were many so-called "stories" relayed to me, the only submissions that I have cited are those of her involvement with the Buchanan and Draschil campaigns. As such, the incidents referenced in the update of Mrs. Eagar's Wikipedia pages, are only those that can be referenced in accordance with the current Wikipedia guidelines. Feel free to let me know if there is additional information that is needed in referencing this article. Sunpoppi (talk)
Although Nacilbupera does not claim to know the exact magazine Sunpoppi refers to, it is quite obvious that this "vote" was none other than Proposition 8 which occurred in November 2008. Eagar--who was a huge Prop 8 supporter--had enough "mojo" to opine in MoJo magazine online in Feb 2009 on the topic of Prop 8 donors. Prop 8 has spurred a strong backlash movement to "out", pressure, and persecute donors to the cause of traditional marriage including the ironically-named hate organization Californians Against Hate (they can hate you but you can't hate them.)

As a person obviously upset at the outcome of Prop 8, Sunpoppi started digging up dirt on this Cherilyn Eagar. Sunpoppi began talking to local Bay Area actors who knew Cherilyn back in CT: "Further research uncovered people who knew her from her time in Connecticut and from performing in a local theater group." These local actors surely included some of the "Fifty percent of my NYC-based company employees were gay" Eagar referred to in the aforementioned MoJo article.

The extent of anything above gossip-level that this dirt-digger Sunpoppi could find on Eagar was the CT petitions incident and an even smaller issue on one particular Micron-comment which Sunpoppi also posted to wikipedia. That that is the best Sunpoppi could come up with in 30 years of being politically active is a testimony to Eagar's character. It represents a poor attempt by Sunpoppi to negatively impact opinion about Eagar.

There is one more footnote to this Sunpoppi character of interest. User Sunpoppi first appears in wikipedia history on Jan 1st, 2010. Interestingly, on the uber-left-wing Huffington Post there is a user "Sunpoppy" who alone was writing very critical entries on Cherilyn Eagar including Eagar's involvement in the CT petitions (posted Nov 15 2008) and the Micron-comments...posted on DECEMBER 30TH 2009...just 2 days before Sunpoppi's Wikipedia entry! This left no doubt that "Sunpoppi" of Wikipedia equalled "Sunpoppy" of Huffington Post.

You can read all of Sunpoppy of Huffington Post's comments here. Highlights from these Sunpoppy entries include:

To reiterate, we have no idea who sent Lonsberry the CT petition dirt neither are we trying to implicate nor exonerate Sunpoppi from doing so; it could have been anyone. But what is clear is that an anti-Proposition 8, anti-traditional marriage California radical nicknamed Sunpoppi or Sunpoppy has attempted to sway voters in our state by throwing out dirt and slandering a candidate who would uphold our Constitution and defend our lives, liberties, and freedoms. Yet Sunpoppi has failed in their quest as Nacilbupera has full confidence in our delegates being smart enough to see through the smoke, to know what the issues are and to remain focused on what is important: defeating Bob Bennett and electing a candidate who will uphold our Constitution including considering Cherilyn Eagar. Finally, a word of thanks to Bob Lonsberry for his roll in being first to see through the smoke.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mike Lee's "Free Trade" vs. Cherilyn Eagar's "Fair Trade"

In the 2o1o Utah Senate race there has been a lot of questioning among those of us opposing Bailout Bob Bennett on how the candidates contrast in their political views. While there is a ton that unites them, the two leaders in the race have taken diametrically opposite views over trade during their recent Bob Lonsberry (105.7 KNRS) interviews.

Nacilbupera became a "free trader" during a Economics 101 course at BYU. We understood and embraced the theory we were taught: two countries each specialized in a an activity will produce greater goods through specialization and thus both can benefit from free trade of those goods.

As the years went by, the application of the theory left something to be desired. Although our markets were opening up through GATT, NAFTA, and such it didn't seem to produce the promised benefits and we seemed to be starting to lose control or sovereignty over our trade. We wondered why in the world do we grant Most Favored Nation (MFN) status (now called Permanent Normal Trade Relations) to China? To a country which runs its citizens over with tanks? To a country which puts lead and cadmium in its toys for our children to get sick and die? To a country which uses slave labor to produce its goods? To a country which has no concern for world pollution? To a country which launches daily, sophisticated computer attacks on our systems?

Our American jobs have disappeared due to free trade and as we lower tariffs we have to raise taxes to provide compensatory revenue. It puts us into agreements we don't want to be in. Somehow the theory of Free Trade has gone the way of manmade Global Warming: it just isn't what it's purported to be. We're not opposed to having some lower tariffs with our close allies, but we need to protect America first.

Nacilbupera has moved on from our "free trade" position: it simply doesn't work. We are a "fair trader" now. If you are going to restrict US companies from polluting with fines and penalties then why allow the companies to uproot and move to Mexico or anywhere and pollute there? We're just hurting our own selves by outsourcing our "dirty work" so we can feel good. Penalty-high tariffs are needed to prevent this from happening and we need to become as self-sufficient as we can be so in times of war, we are beholden to none. Take for example the role oil has played in our foreign policy because the Obama administration prohibits us from drilling in ANWAR, Utah, offshore, anywhere. Why not raise the tariff on foreign oil while opening up our own God-given natural resources? Now there's a job-creating plan for you America!

First from UtahPatriot the audio excerpt on the Feb 9th Lonsberry Show interview with Mike Lee. UtahPatriot has done an excellent job with the video and comments:

Cherilyn Eagar responded today during her questioning with Mike Lee which Nacilbupera made the following clip (sorry no fancy comments like UtahPatriot):

Nacilbupera praises our hopeful future Senator Eagar for her courageous and informed position on Fair Trade.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

URA Endorses Eagar, Philpot, & Herbert; Shear "Demonsheep"

The Utah Republican Assembly (URA) held their endorsement convention yesterday in Orem. The URA is the Utah branch of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA) self- described as "nation’s oldest and largest conservative Republican grassroots volunteer organization." It is a group Nacilbupera much admires and one bound to conservative principles, but one we have yet to claim membership.

The Daily Herald covered the the event noting the comment by Brian Halladay about "demonsheep": those professing conservative values but failing to act so. Maybe Brian saw this great Fiorina campaign video (for the record we advocate DeVore not Fiorina) but which is hilarious especially towards the end when the demon sheep is seen crawling on all fours:

Laughter aside and to Brian's point: could one of those demon sheep POSSIBLY be self-labeled "Utah's Conservative Choice" Bailout Bob Bennett? Interesting enough Bennett himself is beginning to back down from that label replacing that label in his website header with "The Fight is Now"--alluding to the fact that although he won't publicly admit it Bailout Bob, a veteran campaigner himself, knows his political life is on the line! In fact, the only places we could now find "Utah's Conservative Choice" is when you actually go in to his website to make a donation:

...and on some of his ubiquitous internet advertising:

Morgan Philpot won the endorsement for the privilege to defeat Matheson II in the 2nd District while Governor Gary Herbert won an endorsement in what should be a solid victory against Democratic tax-raiser Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon.

The most interesting and contested fight--indeed what might be a presage to the state GOP convention in May--Cherilyn Eagar won 64% of the vote after a third round of balloting to garnish the endorsement, defeating Mike Lee in the final round. This was huge for the campaign because unlike an unscientific Doug Wright poll last month from supporters publicly confessing voting multiple times for their candidates and voters from outside the state, these folks are political activists many of whom will be delegates at the state convention. Additionally, the URA voting was patterned after the GOP convention--unlike straw polling or even primary elections where all the candidates compete once with each other. Finally, we note in 2008 the URA endorsement helped Jason Chaffetz get elected.

What does this important endorsement mean?
Nacilbupera feels that this cements much of the hard work that has been going on for months at the Eagar campaign and really helps point out that the race is between Eagar and Lee with Eagar continuing to hold her lead. The choice is laid between an articulate, unencumbered, principles-tried-and-tested Eagar and a principle-professor lawyerspeak Lee who is entangled with Energy Solutions but just might be as--or at least close to as--Constitutionally-minded as Eagar; though questionably so as he has chased endorsements from the political establishment who themselves are not so Constitutionally minded. At this point, Nacilbupera feels that Williams and Bridgewater are probably not going to receive the coveted Bailout Bob Knockout Award though they each have good things we could say about their professed positions; nevertheless, it wouldn't surprise us either if Bennett were knocked out before even a Williams or Bridgewater. Yes, Burnsfans wherever you are, your Bailout Bob candidate is that bad. Now go be happy and eat some Bennettporkburgers from all that taxpayer money he's spending to buy your vote.

+++ Updates 2/21:

  • Our sources tell us Eagar nearly walked away from a four-way ticket with an endorsement in the first round, garnishing 55% of the vote, Lee 32% and Bridgewater 9%. Gubernatorial and house races were decided earlier due to smaller fields of opponents.
  • The Daily Herald article cited on this is the lead print headline on the Sunday paper which has the largest circulation of any day of the week.
  • Blogger No Sheeples Here has a fanastic photoshop today of the great Demonsheep himself, BO

Friday, February 19, 2010

In Honor of Rich Kuchinsky

We are shocked and saddened to hear about the passing of a great man, Rich Kuchinsky. Nacilbupera was beginning to become acquainted with this hero and regarded him as an astute patriot in the cause for freedom.

Rich was a stalwart supporter of U.S. Senate candidate Cherilyn Eagar and a former chair of the Salt Lake County Republican Party. Yet Rich kept perspective on this race as evidenced by his unexpected outburst at the Senatorial I-caucus debates held in Provo last month. At the conclusion of the debate he did a shout-out summarizing the mood of I-caucus members: "Any of these four candidates [Eagar/Williams/Bridgewater/Lee] would be better than Bennett." (Joe Pyrah of the Daily Herald also took note of this.)

In what we know of him, he would want us to push forward with our Constitutional principles and to redouble our efforts. We shall attempt to honor his name by continuing our support for Eagar who--to speak the words of Mr. Kuchinsky--is the best candidate.

Our prayers go out to his family.

+++ Update 2/10:
The Salt Lake Tribune penned a great article on the life and passing of Rich Kuchinsky. A comment by Fudgiemonkey rings applicable for comments posted to Nacilbupera as well:
Whoever this man was politically, he was a loved one to his family and friends. Those who see this as an opportunity to make snide political remarks need to grow and try for once in their pathetic lives to acquire some good manners.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Disgust with "Global Warming" & "Climate Change"

We've had it with "Global Warming" and its morphed backup twin "Climate Change." We recommend the next politician or politically correct ad touting the farce of the manmade affair be waterboarded until all lies and hypocrisy are exposed and truth comes out. We are tired of hypocritical politicians like Al Gore who fly around the world and live like kings in huge mansions when--should they actually believe their lying rhetoric--live as vegans (no meat mind you: cows fart and produce methane; of course human flatus should be regulated as well!) in Ghandi-esque shacks riding bicycles or mass transit to get around.

And today, ConocoPhillips, BP America and Caterpillar showed their selfsame disgust with the environmental wackos by pulling out of the US Climate Action Partnership (USCAP). This is significant because both BP and Caterpillar were two of fourteen founding members of USCAP which seeks to reduce 80% of greenhouse gases (including carbon dioxide) by 2050. Nacilbupera praises today's actions by these three corporations and feels Rio Tinto, a company with major local holdings should act quickly to do the same.

December's announcement by Lisa Jackson of the EPA to regulate carbon dioxide (she uses the umbrella term "greenhouse gases") which carbon dioxide is the very air we exhale and which is vital for the sustainability of plants is preposterous. Although Nacilbupera is a self-described "Republican Environmentalist" (perhaps better said "Conservationist") who deeply cares about this beautiful God-created planet and the shared stewardship we have for her, we would rather see the EPA abolished and pay down the debt than waste our money trying to regulate carbon dioxide.

Understandably the EPA feels pressure from the abominable 2007 Massachusetts v. EPA ruling, yet the Bush administration was able to find a workable solution without having to regulate carbon dioxide. It took the overreaching Obama administration to regulate the air we exhale. (Yes, Bush. We Miss You!) Obviously in light of Climategate and lies about the Himalayan glaciers melting, emails of false facts, and climatologists having to admit that there hasn't been any global warming since 1995, a revisiting by the Supreme Court is needed on this issue.

In all, we feel that legitimate air quality issues such as we have along the Wasatch Front with our winter inversions--including betimes the nation's worst air--have been hijacked like the Denver balloon boy hoax. Real and immediate health problems are deluged by the global warming zealots floating their empty ideology. We praise Gov. Herbert's announcement of the environmental study in cooperation with the NSF earlier this month, yet worry that disgust with global warming may dampen resolve for action.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Treason by Earmark and Debt

We're not sure exactly when it happened, but somewhere along the past several months reducing our massive Federal debt has supplanted terrorism as being our top national priority in Nacilbupera's mind. Perhaps we feel that Al-Qaeda terrorists are using our economy to wreak destruction upon our country. Perhaps we want to vomit when Obama proposed higher taxes while claiming we have had our taxes cut. Perhaps we feel Obama's proposed budget deficit of $1.5T--more than tripling the worst "W" year--is a act of treason in itself.

Life under Hyperinflation
Nacilbupera was a financial clerk in Argentina during 1989 when that country experienced hyperinflation: it totalled 5000% that year and was devastating. Imagine prices on chalkboards at the grocery store that could change (increase) while you were shopping. Imagine losing in a single day over 60% of your currency's value vs. the world. Imagine 1-day and 1-week Certificates of Deposits (CD's). Imagine unannounced, prolonged bank closures and then when they open having a maximum withdrawal of $100 per account. Imagine having to fly out of the country to obtain currency because there simply isn't enough printed. Imagine no one paying a bill until the hour it was due because were you pay a week before, you would be paying significantly more. Imagine holding a new 10,000 denomination bill in your hand and realizing you really had US$20. In hyperinflation, these are no mirages but rather realities. Hyperinflation has a huge negative impact on productivity and output: it would be similar to having to file your taxes every day.

The bottom line is that with an unmanageable Federal debt and huge spike in the money supply as we monetize our national debt, as a country we are risking future hyperinflation. Surely, the road to hyperinflation is a treasonous one! Although earmarks account for a small portion of the debt, they frequently contain frivolous, if not scandalous wastes of money and point to corruption in the elected officials that proposed them.

Utahns on Earmarks
KNRS radio talk show host Bob Lonsberry really spelled out the problem for us in Utah on his radio show today; so much so that we made the following clip:

Meanwhile, Matt Canham over at the Salt Lake Tribune had an article today on this same subject of earmarks. While all four of Bennett's contenders are anti-earmark, Canham confirmed what Nacilbupera has seen from Cherilyn Eagar's position: not only a die-hard stance against them, but an unabashed critic of those who involuntarily seek treasonous acts by proposing such out-of-control earmark spending.

Eagar is the only Senate candidate who has attacked Bennett directly on the issue, calling him "addicted to earmarks." She has said big spending bills loaded with thousands of pet projects "smacks of cronyism and corruption."

Canham further cited Eagar as saying that earmarks "must show a legitimate federal tie-in"--a position Nacilbupera feels is dead-on correct.

The time has come for us to make a stand. Be like Lonsberry and call out treason when you see it. It doesn't matter if someone is a grandson of a Mormon prophet; evil is evil. The prophets have told us to "get out of debt" and they didn't mean for everyone to get out of debt except for Bailout Bob's pet projects and the rest of the massive Federal socialistic bureaucracy.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Seeking a Voice in the Illinois Senate Seat (Update)

Both the Democratic and Republican primaries in Illinois a week ago produced candidates unacceptable to Nacilbupera's principles. As a lifelong Republican, Nacilbupera has tried in our mind every conceivable flip flop of what do to with this unacceptable outcome. Do we remain loyal to party or to principle? Might it send a strong message to the President and to Congress to elect a GOP Senator from the seat formerly held by Obama? By adding an "R" to the Senate numbers might just the GOP be able to take back the Senate in 2010?

Although Don Lowery did not pull out victory, that he garnished a full 9% of the vote when polling just 2% two weeks prior (Chicago Tribune) is a testament to the last-minute momentum he was gaining as voters began to get to know him and support him. With citizenship outside of Illinois and unable to vote for Lowery, we were proud to have supported this great Judge.

So began our reasoning for what to do in this race. Our first decision was easy: despite being Republican, we would not financially contribute nor endorse the GOP primary elected candidate Kirk. The next question we really struggled with: do we remain silent and let Kirk fight his own battle or do we oppose and support someone else?

Silence is not a great option for a blogger like Nacilbupera who likes to speak the truth and get it all out. Besides--even though we have said "silence...conveys nothing about our opinion" which we hold true as there are many, many issues we wish to speak out on but don't find the time to--we felt the need to provide our opinion on this particular race as we have already been vocal. So the truth is Nacilbupera finds both Kirk and Giannoulias revolting as choices for Senator and felt as many do in Illinois without a voice.

We found a couple of solid choices for a principled candidates we like: Conservative Libertarian Mike Labno and Conservative Independent Mike Niecestro. Were we to live in Illinois our vote in November would go to one of these candidates or someone like them.

Many will argue that a Republican vote for a Labno or Niecestro would be "throwing away your vote." First of all, Nacilbupera has learned to never let anyone demean your voting choice when you have thoughtfully and prayerfully (being so inclined) done your best to seek out someone to represent your state, your country, and uphold the Constitution. Second, not only is such a statement demeaning, but it is oft used as intimidation by a candidate who is threatened: that is, if likeminded people all "threw their vote away" they would quite probably overtake the leader and thus end up not throwing their vote away. The bottom line is that no one can dictate anyone else's vote, so to my friends in Illinois: go vote your conscience.

One of the big arguments that will arise this election will be for us Republicans to unite behind Kirk because with Kirk we can gain the majority in the Senate. Honestly, if that is the goal rather than the means to the goal, then go right ahead and Kirkify yourself. Yet it seems to Nacilbupera that the reason why we can sometimes get congressional majorities but never hold on to them is because we aren't true to principles. We claim as Republicans we are for smaller government and then go and pass Medicare Part D and institute the unconstitutional "No Child Left Behind" program. This does nearly irreparable damage to our image and all the independent voters start looking at the Democratic party. The long term best option for the growth of the Republican Party is to find Congress members who hold to principles including our party platform and most importantly our Constitution. Voting for Kirk who proved his stripes last year by voting for Cap n Tax might be a short victory for the GOP but in the long term will do greater damage to our party. Don't forget the "Obama Obsession" my fellow Republicans: how quickly that sweet taste of victory turned sour for the Democrats who elected a candidate doing irreparable damage to his own party.

Were it to come down to this, Nacilbupera would rather us lose a potential GOP majority but stay true to principles so that after Illinois saw the permeating corruption continue under Giannoulias, the Land of Lincoln too might unshackle themselves like Massachusetts and throw off the chains of corruption in 2016.

As more primaries come onto view in the coming weeks and months: let Illinois be a signal to GOP that Nacilbupera has revolted and will not support candidates like Kirk even if it means costing the GOP seats and offices. We stand unabashedly for principles over partisanship.

Finally to be clear: we will apply this same standard to our own Bailout Bob Bennett. Should by some unfortunate, remote chance Bailout Bennett become the GOP nominee we have full plans to revolt as well and seek another. Fortunately, with a plethora of good candidates to choose from (and an exceptional one in Cherilyn Eagar) Nacilbupera shouldn't have to do so and will be able to vote for the Republican nominee for Utah Senate in November 2010.

+++ Update 3/27:
In lieu of Medi-geddon we have reversed our opinion about not supporting Kirk. We also note that Bailout Bennett signed the same repeal pledge although we are hoping to defeat him in Utah's May 8th convention.