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Whoever examines with attention the history of the dearths and famines … will find, I believe, that a dearth never has arisen from any combination among the inland dealers in corn, nor from any other cause but a real scarcity, occasioned sometimes perhaps, and in some particular places, by the waste of war, but in by far the greatest number of cases by the fault of the seasons; and that a famine has never arisen from any other cause but the violence of government attempting, by improper means, to remedy the inconveniences of a dearth. (Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations IV.5.44)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The NDAA: Whodunnit and What We Can Do

December is to politics as October is to stock market crashes.  It's a great time for Congress to pass the junk that nobody wants because we're all in the spirit of the winter season preparing for family events, winter vacations, and spiritual renewals.  Its the time of year that Congress sneaks in debt-ceiling raises and little things like Obamacare.

Last month, Congress passed a 565-page military spending bill, HR 1540 (full text) or the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).  The most grievous portion of the bill is located in Title X, Subtitle D, Sections 1021-2, pages 265-7.  The bill, signed into law by President Obama allows permanent detention without trial of US Citizens by the military and is quite likely far worse on the violation of our rights and Constitution than even Obamacare.

The Senate held a couple of votes with final passage being 86-13 (roll call vote) with Utah's liberal Senator Hatch voting aye and conservative Senator Lee nay.  I must say that if anyone believes Senator Hatch has become more conservative over the past two years as he gears up for reelection, the severity of this Constitutional violation has to knock the wind out of any argument in that respect.

Utah's house vote was equally telling:  Bishop sided with Democrat Jim Matheson while Chaffetz voted against.  In all the House vote was much closer, 283-136 (roll call vote).  The NDAA is a clear violation of the 5th and 6th Amendments (and others) and MUST be repealed!

Video blogger ABillyRock puts the NDAA in perspective in promoting a Feb 3rd national event (Facebook) to bring attention to the repeal cause:

Also this week, Congressman Ron Paul introduced a 1-page bill, HR 3785 to repeal this most offensive section.  It should be on the forefront of anyone who defends the Constitution as well as a litmus test for choosing federal representatives in primary, general, and Presidential elections.  Here is the video from Rep. Paul who took the time out from campaigning in South Carolina to help preserve our liberties:

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Huntsman & Daughters Stage False Flag Attack

Our prior Governor Jon Huntsman betrayed Utah in the 2008 elections by insisting that he would serve his full term (nacilbupera, May 2009) but 4 months into his governorship announced he was ready to serve Obama as ambassador to China, only to in turn to dump Obama to make a run against him for President.  If Huntsman were a man of his word, he would still be serving as Governor of Utah right now, not ex-Governor.

Now this mean-spirited deceiver has been found in conspiracy with his daughters to create a false flag attack in the form of a YouTube video which appears to be by a Ron Paul supporter (story at Huffington Post)

The video reaches into the Governor's personal life and is out-of-bounds; the Paul campaign promptly disavowed it.  The mass media story seems to end there as it being "some crazy Ron Paul supporter" going off the deep end.

But Youtube poster anonwoohoo did the homework (along with several others including Angel Clark and TokenLibertarianGirl) which has damning evidence that Gov Huntsman's daughters actually created and released the anti-Huntsman video as a false flag attack:

Huntsman has always been a bit of a embarrassment to the values of the Mormon community and the emergence of the Jon2012Girls with this false flag attack is stoking the flames.

To devote Mormons a previous video the Jon2012Girls put out is clearly at odds with the teachings of Mormon religion in aspects of the immodest dress (Mormon women are taught to cover their shoulders) and the music to which the Jon Girls sing their political message (Justin Timberlake's "Sexyback" which refrains: "I'm bringing sexy back / Them other motherf*ckers' don’t know how to act" is an inference by the Jon2012girls that all the other GOP candidates are "motherf*ckers")

As with the plethora of other GOP candidates, I have been appreciative of Huntsman's presence in the campaign; but at this point when he is covertly planning false flag attacks as demonstrated by the end portion of the anonwoohoo video, Huntsman needs to go away.


Updated:  FOUND!  Picture of a Iowa Huntsman supporter.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Iowa Caucus Takehome: Ron Paul Easily Defeats Obama

In studying the Iowa Caucus entrance polling, Ron Paul now has definitive proof of what he has been preaching all along as supported through numerous polls:  he is the candidate who could best defeat Obama.  In examining both the FoxNews and CNN entrance polling we find Dr. Paul doing well in areas where the GOP has struggled:  young voters, urban areas, among the poor, and among people who aren't influenced by ads.  (If Iowa had any measurable ethnicities we would find he does well among races, too!)

But most notably in the polling is the support among Independents for Rep. Paul:  An outstanding 43% of independent voters--more than double any other candidate--voted for the good Congressman!  One can only imagine what would happen in a general election when Dr. Paul wins the GOP nomination:  not only would Obama be defeated but with this kind of support from Independents, it would be no contest.  States typically off hands for any GOP candidate would come into play.  I'm talking big time like Ronald Reagan time here:  California, New York, Oregon, even Hawaii would have HUGE possibilities of turning Ron Paul Red. States Romney or Santorum can't even begin to waste a dime on.  Ron Paul WON the California GOP straw poll. Paulians are everywhere.  This isn't the Romney United States of New Hampshire and Utah.  Ron Paul has NATIONAL support; he's a people's candidate loved by those who are defending us in the military and sacrifice their lives over our insipid provocations, symptomatic of a domineering American Empire consumed by a Military Industrial Complex.

I don't know whether the Party will see this or not.  We don't study out issues but go with whatever our favorite FoxNews commentator is.  We don't read the Constitution we embrace; we don't think for ourselves. We pick one mass media and trust it like the Bible.  We're busy and don't have time to truly study out and do our own homework.  I know I've been there.  We are changing.  Slowly.  We're getting that just because Romney spends the most money doesn't mean he's the best or most electable candidate.

And what is the Party going to do with people like me who won't vote for Romney because we have watched him and know his business experience isn't running a business and creating jobs or producing cars like his father: it's mergers and acquisitions.  That's not the business skillset we need to run the country, we don't need to merge with Mexico or acquire Iraq!  Remember being a "businessman" is NOT by itself any better than any other profession.  Indeed, Romney can't even come up with a proposal to balance the budget his first year!  Sounds to me like he needs to go back to Harvard and learn some business budgeting!  And if Romney can't get our own party together, let alone appeal to independents, we're looking like another four years of Obama.  Is not then a vote for Romney is a vote for Obama?  Is that what we are trying to do as a Party to get Obama another 4 years by nominating Romney???  If indeed a vote for Romney helps Obama, then is it not only the right but the duty of every Republican to find someone else to whom to give their sacred vote and Romney's duty to bow out of the race and endorse someone who does have a plan to balance the budget their first year?

From a purely electability standpoint, Ron Paul is a GOP dream candidate and the only GOP candidate who could produce a landslide victory over Obama in 2012.


Update 1/7:  More interesting analysis

Update 1/9:  I'm telling you folks, if Republicans would just rally behind Ron Paul not only would we save the country, but Paul would be above 50% vs Obama and this election would be in the bag.  Take a look as Paul scores 47% Percent of all Independents  (CBS Poll) and yet thanks to the mass media is barely known and even less understood.  If Republicans want a winner in 2012, the only hope is Ron Paul.  Look, I understand some of you are going to have to hold your nose when you vote for Paul because you worry too much about the bomb in Iran, but read this: I love George Washington Except for his Foreign Policy by Michael Maharrey at the 10th Amendment Center and perhaps like myself and Michael you too will begin to see why Dr. Paul is much more right than wrong on foreign policy.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Why a Conservative Mormon Cannot Support Romney

With the Iowa caucus just hours away, I thought I would elaborate on some of my feelings as to why as a Conservative, Utah Mormon I reject Romney as a candidate for POTUS.

(1) Romney equals Bush.  During Bush's administration, Bush began some of our country's longest wars to deal with a situation in Afghanistan which should have only taken months.  Credit Bush for the so-called "Bush Doctrine" in which we are supposed to preemptively strike on any nation we consider a threat.  Bush imposed the unconstitutional federal mandate of No Child Left Behind, expanded Medicare through implementation of Part D, created a federal police force called the TSA, passed the Patriot Act in violation of our civil rights, and bailed out powerful wall street banks through TARP.  Bush was a disaster to Conservatism and the Constitution.  Looking back with the knowledge I have gained on political matters, I am ashamed I voted for the man.

Romney equals Bush as Romney has hired tons of old Bush staffers for his campaign.  I hear Romney bashing Obama, Rick Perry, or Ron Paul but he never seems to criticize Bush.  Perhaps he finds no fault with the Big-Government Bush agenda as his policies seem to mirror Bush's.  He's even got Bush Sr's endorsement.  Wow.  I am SO thrilled. (NOT!)

(2) Romney has endorsed both Orrin Hatch's current bid to extend his senatorial dynasty and ex-Sen Bob Bennett in his failed quest at a fourth term.  Here in Utah, it is clear Romney has courted the powerbroking establishment at the expense of Constitutional freedom.

(3) Romney appears comfortable at applying the Bush Doctrine in Iran.  It seems illogical in a financially broke, war-weary nation that one would want to do a preemptive strike against Iran under the justification of stopping them from obtaining a nuclear weapon.  I grew up under the constant and real threat of thousands of warheads pointed at my nation and yet none of those in the original "evil empire" ever took preemptive strike. If we are so concerned about a nuclear weapon in the hands of an unstable country, does this mean we also have to go to war against Pakistan and Syria?

These Muslim countries are fighting against us in large part because we are in the midst of a 21st Century "crusade" against their lands.  We occupy their countries and support dictators like Saddam Hussein and Hosni Mubarak and in some cases like Iran overthrow democratically elected leaders to establish tyrants like the Shah.  If we would leave them alone to worship as they please, there would be much abatement to the hostility towards us.  Jews and Christians which have respected Muslim worship have lived at peace for centuries in both Shi'a and Sunni countries.

As a Mormon, we believe that we have the duty to spread the message of Jesus Christ to every nation and people of the world.  We know through experience that in wartime the spreading of the message is inhibited to the point of impracticality.  Why then does Romney insist on stirring up the Persians to wrath against us through the implied threat of preemptive strike?  Surely peace is the message of Mormonism and of the Book of Mormon from which the name derives.

I cannot support Romney in his foreign warmongering policies against the Persian people.

In all I view Romney as a Rattlesnake versus Obama as an Inland Taipan; although the Taipan is much more toxic, you want to avoid being bitten by either and both require serious treatment afterwards.  The want of Conservatism is for drastically smaller government, adherence to the Constitution, decreasing the laws of the land, relief from taxation, and paying down the debt.  I am fully aware and convinced that, like Bush, at the end of his term a Romney presidency will have more pages of law, more taxation, more war, and less adherence to the Constitution.  I cannot foresee any circumstance of me being able to vote in good conscience for Romney or Obama even when I am told by people who claim intellectual superiority that I must choose between these vipers.