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Sunday, February 21, 2010

URA Endorses Eagar, Philpot, & Herbert; Shear "Demonsheep"

The Utah Republican Assembly (URA) held their endorsement convention yesterday in Orem. The URA is the Utah branch of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA) self- described as "nation’s oldest and largest conservative Republican grassroots volunteer organization." It is a group Nacilbupera much admires and one bound to conservative principles, but one we have yet to claim membership.

The Daily Herald covered the the event noting the comment by Brian Halladay about "demonsheep": those professing conservative values but failing to act so. Maybe Brian saw this great Fiorina campaign video (for the record we advocate DeVore not Fiorina) but which is hilarious especially towards the end when the demon sheep is seen crawling on all fours:

Laughter aside and to Brian's point: could one of those demon sheep POSSIBLY be self-labeled "Utah's Conservative Choice" Bailout Bob Bennett? Interesting enough Bennett himself is beginning to back down from that label replacing that label in his website header with "The Fight is Now"--alluding to the fact that although he won't publicly admit it Bailout Bob, a veteran campaigner himself, knows his political life is on the line! In fact, the only places we could now find "Utah's Conservative Choice" is when you actually go in to his website to make a donation:

...and on some of his ubiquitous internet advertising:

Morgan Philpot won the endorsement for the privilege to defeat Matheson II in the 2nd District while Governor Gary Herbert won an endorsement in what should be a solid victory against Democratic tax-raiser Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon.

The most interesting and contested fight--indeed what might be a presage to the state GOP convention in May--Cherilyn Eagar won 64% of the vote after a third round of balloting to garnish the endorsement, defeating Mike Lee in the final round. This was huge for the campaign because unlike an unscientific Doug Wright poll last month from supporters publicly confessing voting multiple times for their candidates and voters from outside the state, these folks are political activists many of whom will be delegates at the state convention. Additionally, the URA voting was patterned after the GOP convention--unlike straw polling or even primary elections where all the candidates compete once with each other. Finally, we note in 2008 the URA endorsement helped Jason Chaffetz get elected.

What does this important endorsement mean?
Nacilbupera feels that this cements much of the hard work that has been going on for months at the Eagar campaign and really helps point out that the race is between Eagar and Lee with Eagar continuing to hold her lead. The choice is laid between an articulate, unencumbered, principles-tried-and-tested Eagar and a principle-professor lawyerspeak Lee who is entangled with Energy Solutions but just might be as--or at least close to as--Constitutionally-minded as Eagar; though questionably so as he has chased endorsements from the political establishment who themselves are not so Constitutionally minded. At this point, Nacilbupera feels that Williams and Bridgewater are probably not going to receive the coveted Bailout Bob Knockout Award though they each have good things we could say about their professed positions; nevertheless, it wouldn't surprise us either if Bennett were knocked out before even a Williams or Bridgewater. Yes, Burnsfans wherever you are, your Bailout Bob candidate is that bad. Now go be happy and eat some Bennettporkburgers from all that taxpayer money he's spending to buy your vote.

+++ Updates 2/21:

  • Our sources tell us Eagar nearly walked away from a four-way ticket with an endorsement in the first round, garnishing 55% of the vote, Lee 32% and Bridgewater 9%. Gubernatorial and house races were decided earlier due to smaller fields of opponents.
  • The Daily Herald article cited on this is the lead print headline on the Sunday paper which has the largest circulation of any day of the week.
  • Blogger No Sheeples Here has a fanastic photoshop today of the great Demonsheep himself, BO


Anonymous said...

I really don't know what to say beyond you have got to be one of the most politically inept parsers of information I've ever had the misfortune to stumble upon. I guess any low information, out of touch moron can start a blog though huh? Bob has nothing to worry about and he knows it. I'm not saying this is a good thing, but it's just amazing how out of touch and living-in-a-bubble-of-delusion so many of you are about how all of this works. Eagar's chances outside of Utah County are nil. No name recognition. Lee reads too much like a car salesman, and the other two don't even seem to be campaigning seriously. When all is said and done the establishment will keep Bob, because every chose to back fringe candidates instead of real contenders that could appeal outside of the Eagle Forum's shrinking circle of influence. It's endlessly frustrating to watch. We could have taken this seat for a real conservative and instead we ran/backed transparent candidates and too-far-right ideologues. What a waste of an opportunity. But keep your delusions. Yes, I'm sure Eagar has a chance. Chuckle. Choke. Chortle. Snicker. Hum.

Anonymous said...

Yes- it was a huge surprise that an organization, of which Cherilyn Eager used to be President, would actually endorse her. The REAL surprise is that it took three rounds and two hours of voting to get the endorsement from a membership that was stacked with her supporters.

nacilbupera said...

A1: Typically when we read the comments of outrage from the Left on this blog, we know we've done a great job. In your case you got me laughing: " have got to be one of the most politically inept parsers of information I've ever had the misfortune to stumble upon." Well said my friend. After a third round of voting, blog readers agreed with Nacilbupera over you, but very funny nonetheless.

You just keep on dismissing future Senator Eagar and we'll get to work on restoring principle, integrity, and debt reduction to our country.

A2: See bottom of article for update. Garnishing 55% of the vote against three other Conservatives is no small achievement. The gubernatorial and house races were decided earlier through smaller fields of opponents.

DK001 said...

You know what I find funny. The Mike Lee folks have been touting the themselves as having most conservative and constitutional candidate. The URA, also nicknamed "the right wing of the Republican Party", was co-founded in part by Cherilyn Eagar (Remember that 30yr conservative track record we keep talking about) but was almost hijacked by Republican Moderates yesterday to help carry on the idea that Mike Lee without any real history of fighting for conservative beliefs was the real conservative in the race.

Anonymous said...
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nacilbupera said...
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Mike and Trudy Thompson-One Family's Opinions said...

All the anonymous people can say what they want. They do not know what they are talking about. Eagar was never President of the URA. She was at the founding meeting of the NFRA, of which URA is a State Chapter. I know myself, not having made up my own mind on this race until a couple days before the Convention, did not stack it for Cherilyn. I should know, I am the Utah President of the organization. Additionally, I received emails from the Mike Lee campaign asking their supporters to come out to the convention. They tried to stack it just like everyone does. That is what the Mike Lee people are doing with the upcoming Utah Caucuses on March 23. And, they are very busy at doing it. So go ahead and try to spin it how you want because you obviously favor someone other than who we endorsed. That is fine. "Political differences never justify hatred or ill will." Gordon B. Hinckley.

nacilbupera said...


Thanks so much for your comments and perspective; they have greatly clarified the disinformation by Anonymous2.

If you are a frequent reader, you will know of our frustration with many of these Anonymous postings. We try hard to give everyone a voice, but it doesn't do much good if it's propaganda. We may have to at some point in time disallow Anonymous comments.

We should like to attend a URA meeting sometime as we admire the group and seek to learn more.

nacilbupera said...

ALL: The following comment appeared as an Anonymous post February 21, 2010 8:11 PM. It contained an ad hominem attack against persons not related to the subject of this entry and violated our rule of no "unfounded ridicule" The part containing the unfounded ridicule has been removed.

"All I see are percentages. What were the actual number of votes? I heard there were less than 100 people voting, I have more people show up to my family reunion.

Dishonest politicians will throw around percentages as though they mean something. 64% of ten people isn't impressive. so lets report actual numbers."

nacilbupera said...

DK001: We are grateful to have Eagar in this race because if one is willing to invest the time there is A LOT of recorded info on her conservative record out there. No cheap talk from Eagar.

A3: The Daily Herald describes attendance in the "hundreds." For sure not all were voting parties and not all stayed the full time. Yet to insinuate the poll was of 10 people is about as accurate as all those 2 million jobs BO created or "saved". If you regard the vote as a representative sample of Conservative opinion as we do--opinion which is in the favor nationally and statewide as we begin to see through the veiled lies of Progressivism--then quantities don't really matter.

Being acquainted with polling and statistics, you can derive good information with a relatively small number of respondents: the key--as statisticians will tell you--is to have an accurate sample not a large one. Although this vote wasn't a scientific poll, we feel--for the reasons we outlined--it suggests that Eagar is in the lead among conservative GOP delegates.

Bottom line A3: you're right that numbers would be nice to include for analysis purposes, but strongly disagree with your view that it smacks of dishonesty. You might have better claimed lack of transparency, but that isn't coming from Nacilbupera who feels they are protected by the Constitution to carry on as they please, vote however they deem, and release whatever info they want to or not.