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Friday, February 19, 2010

In Honor of Rich Kuchinsky

We are shocked and saddened to hear about the passing of a great man, Rich Kuchinsky. Nacilbupera was beginning to become acquainted with this hero and regarded him as an astute patriot in the cause for freedom.

Rich was a stalwart supporter of U.S. Senate candidate Cherilyn Eagar and a former chair of the Salt Lake County Republican Party. Yet Rich kept perspective on this race as evidenced by his unexpected outburst at the Senatorial I-caucus debates held in Provo last month. At the conclusion of the debate he did a shout-out summarizing the mood of I-caucus members: "Any of these four candidates [Eagar/Williams/Bridgewater/Lee] would be better than Bennett." (Joe Pyrah of the Daily Herald also took note of this.)

In what we know of him, he would want us to push forward with our Constitutional principles and to redouble our efforts. We shall attempt to honor his name by continuing our support for Eagar who--to speak the words of Mr. Kuchinsky--is the best candidate.

Our prayers go out to his family.

+++ Update 2/10:
The Salt Lake Tribune penned a great article on the life and passing of Rich Kuchinsky. A comment by Fudgiemonkey rings applicable for comments posted to Nacilbupera as well:
Whoever this man was politically, he was a loved one to his family and friends. Those who see this as an opportunity to make snide political remarks need to grow and try for once in their pathetic lives to acquire some good manners.


Anonymous said...

The Rich Kuchinsky I knew was a hypocritical double-talker, and political and physical bully.

Good riddance and may he rot in Hell.

nacilbupera said...

A: Wow. A few hours from the passing of a fellow American with a family in mourning and the attacks begin from someone without the chutzpah to even name themselves. Shame on you!

Nacilbupera has an unwritten grace policy on deaths in which we restrain ourselves from criticism until at least the deceased is properly buried so the family has time to mourn.

If you are a frequent reader of this blog, you will notice the higher road in the debate we attempt through absence of criticism following the deaths of Murtha and Kennedy.

arc said...
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arc said...

Agree or not with Rich, the world was a better place because he cared.

May his family be blessed and comforted, and may his passion be passed on to the rising generation.

(typo fixed)

Anonymous said...

I knew of Rich, and a better, more patriotic person you cannot find. He was at the core of the conservative movement and I can tell you this. If he was behind Mrs. Eagar, then there must have been a profound reason.
I'm sure that he will be missed.