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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Repeal the Bill: A New Look at Mark Kirk

3/21, the day that Obamacare passed the House based on false promises from the President, inexorable backdoor deal-making, and voted on against the will of We the People, marks a political event that like 9/11 reshaped our thinking for America: indeed it marks the start of Medi-geddon. We have had time to reflect on what we can to do repeal the bill and return American at least to a partially-Capitalistic system we had before instead of passing through the doors of Socialism which this bill is doing to us on its multi-year journey. It seems for now that the #1 priority for 2010 elections is voting for candidates who will embrace repeal--and this really means voting Republican as every Republican currently in the House and Senate voted in unanimity a resounding "H*LL NO"!

So how would repeal work? Realistically, we'll need 60 votes in the Senate, a majority in the House, and a President in 2012 who won't veto repeal. Sixty votes in the Senate is the most difficult to achieve because it takes 6 years to cycle through a single opportunity to change a Senate vote for the bill to against the bill. Nacilbupera believes that the Senate could gain back the majority in 2010--but not if we fail to build coalitions with those who agree with us only some of the time: if repeal is a true priority, we will have to vote for Republican candidates who have won their primaries, yet are moderates. It appears that we need to win 2 of the 3 "big state" Senate seats in order to at least get the majority back in the Senate: California, Illinois, and New York (and preferrably all 3 to set us in better shape for 2012).

If you don't like your GOP candidate for Senate and House, you MUST get involved NOW and you MUST donate NOW to the candidate you like. Primaries are quickly approaching and in the case of Illinois, it has already happened. If you like DeVore better than Fiorina, now is election day. If you like Rubio over Christ, now is election day. If you like Hayworth or Deakin over McCain, now is election day. If you like Eagar, Bridgewater, or Lee over Bennett now is election day. And so the list goes on, state by state, congressional district by congressional district.

Illinois had its day and selected its GOP candidate Mark Kirk. Nacilbupera opposed Kirk. Indeed we indicated we would seek someone else to fill the seat. However, in light of Medi-geddon we are reversing our stance on Kirk for the following reasons:
  1. Kirk voted NO! to Obamacare
  2. Kirk has signed the pledge to repeal Obamacare
  3. Kirk's Democratic opponent supports Obamacare and indeed is using the Socialistic bill as a means of touting a vote against Kirk.
  4. The sense of urgency to repeal is so great that if we don't repeal now, we may not have our Republic in 6 years when a more conservative Republican could run against a non-incumbent and thus challenge the Democrat incumbent.
  5. Kirk could end up being the difference between a Republican majority and minority in the Senate in 2010. (Election Projection currently has it at 50-48 in favor of the Dems.) This is necessary to put a check on Obama who will sign whatever Socialistic legislation Congress puts forth like amnesty, cap and tax, and endless upward debt ceiling adjustments.
  6. No 3rd-party conservative opponent to Kirk has any traction. Indeed, they are looking for petition signatures at this point to merely make their name on the Illinois ballot. We fear any traction they do gain at this point will end up further solidifying the Democrat and thus put in jeopardy the Medi-geddon war.

In light of these points, we therefore officially reverse our stance of opposition last month on Mark Kirk and wish him success as we fight together the battle of Medi-geddon. This is not a refutation of the wrong sides Kirk has been on in the past, but the recognition that just as we allied ourselves with Russia in World War II to fight world takeover by fascism, we must align ourselves with Kirk in order to protect our country from Socialism. Nacilbupera will continue to monitor Kirk through the election and his victory to ensure that Kirk stays true to his word.


RightKlik said...

I understand the importance of good strategy (and the pitfalls of purist sentiment), but I don't trust Kirk. He was for Cap&Trade before he was against it. How will his position on health care reform evolve? How nuanced will it become as time goes on?

There won't be any kind of GOP super-majority in the senate until at least 2012. Unless a bunch of democrats suddenly drop dead, it will be mathematically impossible to override an Obama veto even if the GOP wins back the House and the Senate in Nov.

Maybe 2013 will be our year.

Would electing Kirk be good for the GOP in the short-term? Sure, okay. But I'm more concerned about the long-term health of this country. Squishy RINOs have failed us too many times. They have gained too much power in the GOP establishment, creating the weakened and ineffective GOP of the '06 and '08 elections.

The Arlen Specters of the GOP have stabbed conservatives in the back and sabotaged our efforts one too many times. We don't need another RINO in the Senate tarnishing the GOP brand and trashing this country in slow motion.

I won't work against Kirk, but I won't lift a finger to help him either.

That's my 2 cents. No offense...

RightKlik said...

Sorry about the passionate remarks. Kirk really irritates me.

nacilbupera said...

RK: If Kirk didn't irritate you, you probably wouldn't be as great of patriot we deem you to be. He has betrayed us on Cap n Tax and other important issues.

After conservatives lost the primary, Nacilbupera came out against Kirk in support of a 3rd party ticket: so we had worked against him in our own sphere. In lieu of Medi-geddon we felt it necessary to publicly reverse.

We indeed are looking to 2013. The only way to get repeal by 2013 other than a Supreme Court override (which is entirely possible) is to get as many pro-repeal GOP Senators in 2010 AND 2012.

Keep up the passion. No apology was needed for the truth you spoke.

RightKlik said...

Thanks for your unflinching commitment to liberty, nacilbupera. If Kirk is elected, I'll be among those who remind him of his promises.