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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Dirt on the Cherilyn Eagar Dirt Diggers

On today's Bob Lonsberry Show, Bob became the first media outlet to publicly discuss an interesting incident a decade ago in US Senate Candidate Cherilyn Eagar's past. Briefly, it was during a time when Eagar was campaigning for Pat Buchanan in Connecticut and had, under advice from the campaign lawyer, signed off on petitions to have Buchanan be on the ballot. Apparently Eagar (and three others) inadvertently overlooked some legal procedure and which resulted in Eagar being assessed a fine of $6000. Eagar paid the fine, and things were cleared up and most anyone in Utah could probably have cared less about this situation as it seemed both in the way it happened to Eagar and her honest approach to the situation seem to if anything point to Eagar's character in appropriately handling an oversight.

That is, no one cared until someone emailed Lonsberry a copy of the CT verdict on the eve of Eagar's inaugural interview with Lonsberry yesterday. Lonsberry had both the keenness and integrity to know that someone was attempting to use him to smear Eagar and refrained from discussion on the matter during yesterday's interview. During today's broadcast he spent ample time pondering who might have sent such a letter including the thoughts of it being from one of the campaigns. Nacilbupera will not participate in speculation as to where it might have come from (no, it didn't come from us: Nacilbupera is a big enough microphone for us.)

But this incident prompted us to do our own digging on how this story no one cared about even arose in the first place and discovered some very interesting things!

The CT petition story first appeared on Cherilyn Eagar's Wikipedia page on Jan 1st of this year submitted by user "Sunpoppi". Of course, Nacilbupera wondered who the heck Sunpoppi was especially since the user hadn't taken advantage of creating a user page which the user can write about themselves. In further research, we found that Sunpoppi had indeed written
a fair amount about themselves during using a mobile wiki site which we republish here:

Just want to clarify that I do not know Mrs. Eagar, do not live in the State of Utah and have no affiliation with either side of this campaign. I only became aware of Mrs. Eagar after reading her letter to the editor in a Bay Area magazine in January of 2009. She was commenting on a vote that had taken place in my home state of California. Because of her letter, and her involvement in campaigning for a vote that took place outside of her home state, I was interested in finding out exactly who Cherilyn Eagar was and what she stood for. It was surprising to find that she was running for local office in her home state. Intrigued, further digging found that it was not possible to find actual publications for all of the citations for which she claimed authorship. Further research uncovered people who knew her from her time in Connecticut and from performing in a local theater group. There is no doubt that she is a very dynamic woman with many interesting stories. Although there were many so-called "stories" relayed to me, the only submissions that I have cited are those of her involvement with the Buchanan and Draschil campaigns. As such, the incidents referenced in the update of Mrs. Eagar's Wikipedia pages, are only those that can be referenced in accordance with the current Wikipedia guidelines. Feel free to let me know if there is additional information that is needed in referencing this article. Sunpoppi (talk)
Although Nacilbupera does not claim to know the exact magazine Sunpoppi refers to, it is quite obvious that this "vote" was none other than Proposition 8 which occurred in November 2008. Eagar--who was a huge Prop 8 supporter--had enough "mojo" to opine in MoJo magazine online in Feb 2009 on the topic of Prop 8 donors. Prop 8 has spurred a strong backlash movement to "out", pressure, and persecute donors to the cause of traditional marriage including the ironically-named hate organization Californians Against Hate (they can hate you but you can't hate them.)

As a person obviously upset at the outcome of Prop 8, Sunpoppi started digging up dirt on this Cherilyn Eagar. Sunpoppi began talking to local Bay Area actors who knew Cherilyn back in CT: "Further research uncovered people who knew her from her time in Connecticut and from performing in a local theater group." These local actors surely included some of the "Fifty percent of my NYC-based company employees were gay" Eagar referred to in the aforementioned MoJo article.

The extent of anything above gossip-level that this dirt-digger Sunpoppi could find on Eagar was the CT petitions incident and an even smaller issue on one particular Micron-comment which Sunpoppi also posted to wikipedia. That that is the best Sunpoppi could come up with in 30 years of being politically active is a testimony to Eagar's character. It represents a poor attempt by Sunpoppi to negatively impact opinion about Eagar.

There is one more footnote to this Sunpoppi character of interest. User Sunpoppi first appears in wikipedia history on Jan 1st, 2010. Interestingly, on the uber-left-wing Huffington Post there is a user "Sunpoppy" who alone was writing very critical entries on Cherilyn Eagar including Eagar's involvement in the CT petitions (posted Nov 15 2008) and the Micron-comments...posted on DECEMBER 30TH 2009...just 2 days before Sunpoppi's Wikipedia entry! This left no doubt that "Sunpoppi" of Wikipedia equalled "Sunpoppy" of Huffington Post.

You can read all of Sunpoppy of Huffington Post's comments here. Highlights from these Sunpoppy entries include:

To reiterate, we have no idea who sent Lonsberry the CT petition dirt neither are we trying to implicate nor exonerate Sunpoppi from doing so; it could have been anyone. But what is clear is that an anti-Proposition 8, anti-traditional marriage California radical nicknamed Sunpoppi or Sunpoppy has attempted to sway voters in our state by throwing out dirt and slandering a candidate who would uphold our Constitution and defend our lives, liberties, and freedoms. Yet Sunpoppi has failed in their quest as Nacilbupera has full confidence in our delegates being smart enough to see through the smoke, to know what the issues are and to remain focused on what is important: defeating Bob Bennett and electing a candidate who will uphold our Constitution including considering Cherilyn Eagar. Finally, a word of thanks to Bob Lonsberry for his roll in being first to see through the smoke.


RightKlik said...

These are the stories that remind us how sickening politics can be.

Tangential thought: Gov't recognition of gay marriage? I thought homosexuals wanted the government OUT of their bedrooms!

Gary said...

Very strange someone would go to so much effort to malign Eagar's character when her extremist Eagle Forum bound ways do all the damage need done to make the rest of us Utahns see she's not for us.

(Mike Lee, 2010! We don't need another religious zealot like Eagar, we need a Constitutionalist!)

nacilbupera said...


We didn't know that Mike Lee supporters were at odds with the Eagle Forum agenda (pro-life, pro-gun, pro-Constitution, secure borders). We find nothing in the agenda that would support your claim of "religious zealotry".

Would Mike Lee prefer to have us live under the ERA that were it not for Eagle Forum probably would have passed? We think not; if we're wrong please let us know.

We feel you have mischaracterized Mike Lee, Cherilyn Eagar, and Eagle Forum.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Lee was just running to get the name recognition to take Shurtleff's seat as AG in 2012. He actually doesn't think he will win.

Merrill Cook is someone that keeps trying. Don't we need that attitude?

nacilbupera said...

A: We would be interested in having Lee as an AG in 2012, yet what you assert is pure gossip.

If Cook were serious about this race he would have entered long ago before endorsements started flying.