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Whoever examines with attention the history of the dearths and famines … will find, I believe, that a dearth never has arisen from any combination among the inland dealers in corn, nor from any other cause but a real scarcity, occasioned sometimes perhaps, and in some particular places, by the waste of war, but in by far the greatest number of cases by the fault of the seasons; and that a famine has never arisen from any other cause but the violence of government attempting, by improper means, to remedy the inconveniences of a dearth. (Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations IV.5.44)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Professor Obama's Lecture at the State of the Union Shows He Still Doesn't Get It

Tonight in his lengthy, professorial lecture Obama reiterated support for the two biggest bills Nacilbupera and Americans opposed this year: Cap N Tax (IE "Climate Change Bill"/Waxman-Markey/"Cap N Trade") and the Democare healthcare scheme. If anyone was in any doubts of whether a Brown victory in MA was enough to pull Obama towards the middle, those doubts have been erased. The State of our Union is bad and Obama doesn't know how to fix it. Worse, he ignores the will of the people in opposing these schemes and taxes.

Obama also reiterated his lie to the American people about creating (or saving) 2 million jobs when the facts are he has lost 4 million in his first year as president.

In a show of bombastic maneuvering, he advocated that federal government workers be given preferential treatment in student loan forgiveness over private sector workers. (Sounds rather unconstitutional let alone anti-business, pro government bureaucracy).

He proposed a super-lite freeze of spending of selected budget items at what are now unsustainable, record levels. The funniest line of all showing how minuscule importance he takes on cutting the deficit was this:
"I know that some in my own party will argue that we cannot address the deficit or freeze government spending when so many are still hurting. I agree, which is why this freeze will not take effect until next year..."

Nacilbupera broke out in hysterical ROFL at the pathetic-ness of an Obama fiscally-responsible budget and complete lack of courage to stand up for the smallest of all budget cutting ideas.

In contrast, Nacilbupera feels the president should proposed a balanced budget. Cut the czars, eliminated the Dept of Education, cut entitlements, cut, cut, cut! Cut before our country goes bankrupt! But no, says Obama. That might hurt. It might cause pain and hardship. Obama will propose a budget $1T again out of whack this year again. Unsustainable. Imagine the pain, Mr. President, you will cause when hyperinflation destroys our country due to unmanageable debt.

You are a fiscal disaster and disgrace to our country, Obama. Shame on you! Perhaps more than any single item we are looking for in a 2012 Presidential Candidate is one who will propose from day one a budget that AT MINIMUM holds the line on the deficit until the economy turns around and we can use annual surpluses to reduce our national debt and pay back the Chinese.


Video: Justice Alito lips "Simply Not True" at Obama's SCOTUS shot (Moonbattery)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Momentum Shifts to Lowery in Illinois Senate Race

With Illinois' US Senate primaries less than a fortnight away, the quest to replace Burris (appointed by Blago) has suddenly changed. Like the Scott Brown come-from-behind last minute quest and the Hoffman NY-23 Scozzafava scandal endorsing the Democrat the weekend before the election, this one too has a last minute appeal to conservatives.

NO! to "Evil Eight" Kirk
Like a Scozzafava pick, the establishment GOP has thrown its weight behind a liberal Republican, Mark Kirk. It was only a few months ago that cap-n-tax or Waxman-Markey was the big debate prior to the emergence of healthcare. 8 Republicans joined in the Democrats and voted FOR this bill; had they not, it would have been defeated. Mark Kirk was among the "evil eight" who voted to raise our taxes in support of the manmade global warming scheme. Nacilbupera feels this alone should start the questioning of why we would want Kirk in either branch of government, let alone support his quest to change from being a Representative with 2yr accountability to Senate with 6. But in addition to cap-n-tax, Kirk also voted for TARP, and was among 9 GOPers to vote against Pence's amendment to prohibit Title X funds going to Planned Parenthood (ie as PP pays for abortions, therefore prohibit taxpayers funding abortions through PP).

Let the GOP establishment be forewarned: On Feb 2nd, should Kirk manage a GOP nomination, Nacilbupera will just as we did with Hoffman in NY-23 revolt from our party stance in opposing Kirk's election and seek another to endorse in this Senate seat.

The Rise of Conservatism in Illinois
There are some great GOP candidates in this race besides Kirk. The two leaders are businessman Patrick Hughes and Judge Don Lowery (pictured, right). While we would like to say that both would receive more votes than Kirk, it does not seem likely; therefore, the need has arisen to support the best candidate who will not fall on his own sword like John Edwards did to the Democratic Party. Wisdom was going for Hughes who received an endorsement from radio talk show host Mark Levin, but it appears the momentum has changed.

Hughes talks the talk, but has no clear track record. Lowery has been a judge for a quarter century and got involved in politics when he couldn't sit in retirement and let the country go to pieces. Most importantly has been the switched endorsement by the Illinois Conservative Action Network (I-CAN) from Hughes to Lowery. The Independence Caucus which thoroughly vets candidates through a questionnaire process reported that Hughes refused to participate but Lowery did and was vetted and subsequently endorsed as well. The video below gives a great flavor for the humble leader Judge Lowery is.

To Rally or to Risk...
With the momentum quickly and clearly shifting to Lowery, the difficult question before those voting in the Feb 2nd Illinois primary must ask: do I rally behind Lowery in defeating Kirk or remain committed to a different conservative and risk Kirk taking the GOP nomination and further risk losing the seat to a Democrat by further alienating Conservatives. Surely, this is a difficult question which should be part of study and prayer. Nacilbupera will be praying for Judge Don Lowery.

Friday, January 15, 2010

How to Vent Your Political Frustrations

Nacilbupera’s father relates a story back in the day they would take sand and fill those postage-paid envelopes and mail them back to the sender, thereby causing the sender to pay the return postage.

In modern day as a Gmail user, Nacilbupera gets a sponsored advertising link at the top of the Gmail screen. Google searches your email to find terms which match advertisers who want to pay for the advertising. These past months, we have been getting a lot of “Bob Bennett for Senate” links and yet to receive a single ad from any of the others in the race (Bailout Bob got a ton load money from A to Z companies including banks he voted to bail out!)

Yet we actually find the links useful. Typically part—even betimes a majority--of the cost borne to those advertising is based on the number of clicks received. When we find ourselves particularly frustrated with Bennett, a great way to vent is only a click away! We click. Hmmm. Ten-cents goes bye-bye from the campaign coffers. We click again and again and again knowing that every click counts!

This week we also got some Martha Coakley sponsored links as well…click, click, click, click! You get the picture. We bet it’s almost as fun as mailing sand in those prepaid envelopes…and certainly as therapeutic!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nacilbupera Guzzle Summary

Selected comments on other blogs/newsmedia:
Recommend Reading:


Friday, January 8, 2010

Eagar bests Lee II; Both Trump Bennett II

A lesson learned for us through our tea party activism is we cannot have a strong Republic without our personal, active participation. We must push on in our efforts even sacrificing some pleasures in life and remain active in our quest for a return to Constitutional principles. Being an informed voter and voting every year or two simply will not satisfy the needs of our Republic to have a politically active, educated, and informed citizenry.

For far too many years we have allowed ourselves to lean on the stature and endorsements of others and to allow political despotism through nepotism. We remember past thoughts: Reagan was a great Conservative, therefore his vice-president must be one too. Bush was good so Bush Jr. must be good. That there leader is a Mormon so he must be against abortion/gay marriage/ripping the Constitution to shreds. Although this is a simplistic summary and our analysis has always more profound, we confess the past presence of such thoughts.

But our mentality has done a "360." Now when we look upon Bushs, Kennedys, Romneys & Reids or to localize it for Utah--Cannons, Bennetts, and Mathesons--we now look upon the dynasties with much disdain; and acutely so to the second generation who follow on the coattails of their fathers. Like watching a bad movie sequel, the second generation of politicians seem to get a electoral boost because of their genetics. Surely, our democracy is strong enough to not require nepotism. Indeed, it is a call for the opposite: it is for us the common citizen to rise to our obligation for public service.

This is not to say that because one happens to be the posterity of a famous politician one should be denied an opportunity to serve nor will Nacilbupera disqualify and exempt such from our vote and approval; nevertheless it does count as a negative mark. Truly, Bailout Bob Bennett (aka Bennett II or Bennett the bad movie sequel) should have prompted such a warning back in 1992 before elected. The problem then was it was a choice between Bennett II and Cannon III! Yikes! Is there no other patriot in Utah who isn't a re-tread?

But this is precisely how we feel about Mike Lee who announced his candidacy this week after months of intensive campaigning from Eagar and Williams who patriotically declared their candidacy early on. If you didn't know Lee before this election cycle (few did, ourselves included) he is the son of late BYU President and US Solicitor General Rex Lee. (We have to digress: at BYU we were once invited to lunch with President Lee and found him admirable!) But herein lies the problem--he's riding Daddy's coattails--and our biggest fear: will we go through all these efforts and sacrifices to replace Bennett II with a simple namechange to Lee II? We hope not. This is a fight to put in principled, Conservative candidates. Of course Lee II could turn out to be a wonderful Senator if elected--after all Mike can't help that his Dad is Rex (although he touts it). Yet based solely on the results of other political dynasties, we would have to put the odds low of Lee II sticking to principled Conservatism.

The second thing that disturbed us about Lee II is his campaign announcement. He brought together a bunch of seasoned Utah politicians to endorse him, even to the point of letting former Congressman Jim Hansen introduce him. Hansen, the former 22-year Congressman from Utah's First District? Yep. 22-year veteran Hansen was the lead hitter. So why in the world if Lee II is so adamant about amending the Constitution to put a 12-year cap on Congressional terms--why in the world would you even want Hansen to endorse you? It simply makes no sense unless--unless you are committed to old-style politics over principles. And top off the whole announcement with an endorsement from Shurtleff who is weak on immigration?

Lee II talks the talk. We share values with him. Our problem, understandably after being betrayed so many times by politicians (we're still waiting to see the healthcare debates Obama promised us on C-Span) we are skeptical of promises. And Lee II really has nothing to offer of substance: no voting record and no activism other than these Constitution speeches he's been giving for the past year: just words.

So... you say you want us to trust a political heir who gives Constitution speeches for a year and chooses as his firstmost endorser a politician who violates his principles of term limits and his crowning endorser a politician who violates his principles of being strong against illegal immigration--and you want us to trust this person as a reliable Conservative??? No. That is just too much to ask. Not when we have Cherilyn Eagar who has been a dedicated Conservative for 30 years.

We acknowledge some leftist, progressive, liberal readers to this blog so let's put Lee II in perspective: we would take Lee II day or night over Bennett II. Why? Because Bailout Burns has let us down, he has violated the Constitution by proposing Wyden-Bennett healthcare sham for starters. With Lee II, there remains if nothing else hope he will be true to principles. And that hope places him leagues above Bennett II and leagues below Cherilyn Eagar.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Subterfuge of Bailout Bob Bennett

A subterfuge is more than a lie. Merriam-Webster defines it as "...the telling of a lie in order to...gain an end." We denounce our three-term-seeking-fourth Senator Bailout Bob Bennett Burns as using subterfuge to deceive voters into voting for him based on his promise to (1) limit his own term to twelve years and (2) fight for term limits.

The following are a sampling of articles from 18 long years ago when Bennett originally ran for office. (Note: These articles are not freely available on the web due to their age, however all can be easily examined with most Utah library cards using the Newsbank database. Please feel free to examine the articles in full if there arouses any question about the validity or context. Bold emphasis is ours.)

Salt Lake Tribune, The (UT) - Thursday, October 29, 1992

Senator: If elected to the Senate, will you place a limit on the number of terms
you will seek? If so, how many?
Yes. Twelve years, two terms in the Senate and six in the House....I also support term limits...

Salt Lake Tribune, The (UT) - Monday, April 27, 1992

BRENT WARD, in a recent joint appearance by Republican U.S. Senate candidates, promised: "I am not going to stay in the Congress for more than 12 years. Period.''
"If you're going to only serve two terms,'' said candidate Bob
Bennett, 'why don't you let me serve two terms first. You're a
young guy.''

Deseret News, The (Salt Lake City, UT) - Monday, July 20, 1992
Author: Bob Bernick Jr., Political Editor

Bennett said he's "seen the light'' on term limitation. He'll only stay two terms, 12 years, and supports term limitation by law.
The following excerpt demonstrates that term limits was a forefront issue back in 1992 highlighted by retiring Senator Garn who had his own self-imposed term limit problems:

Garn to Depart Senate After 18-Year Tenure
Salt Lake Tribune, The (UT) - Thursday, May 30, 1991
Author: Dan Harrie, SLTribune

"When I first ran for the Senate, I intended to only be here two terms. I have stayed one term longer than I originally intended to," said Mr. Garn, who has repeatedly co-sponsored legislation to limit senators to two consecutive terms. "If you preach over and over again that there ought to be term limitations, even though I rationalized a third term, I think you ought to practice what you preach."
Senator Bennett: we agree with former Sen. Garn. We believe you ought to practice what you preach. You preached to us and promised to us 18 years ago when we were just a mere BYU student that you would serve 2 terms--12 years. You lied. You used subterfuge to get elected and thought we were so stupid we would forget about your promise. As a devout Mormon, Nacilbupera's religion preaches to us about the importance of keeping covenants, oaths, and promises; yet through your senatorial perpetuity you have blasphemed these very values we hold dear.

We raise a title of liberty against you, your hypocrisy, and your subterfuge. We will not vote for you again, period. No convention vote, no primary vote, no general election vote. In this you have disgraced yourself, your party, and ill-represent your religious standards. We bear this witness against you.

Now you have the audacity to come to our hometown to campaign at the Provo Marriott at 730pm tomorrow for another 6 years which would put your total at 24. We don't know if we'll be there or not, but if we're not could you answer this one question:

Why do you persist on making a mockery of your own promise to limit yourself to two terms?

The Subterfuge of Bailout Bob Bennett: Part 2 The Nitty Gritty

Part 2 is going to be a detailed and lengthy response to an anonymous poster who requested more info on the sources. Read at your own peril; we are not responsible if you fall asleep...

We are dividing up the source documentation into two parts:

Part 1: Bennett talking specifically about limiting himself
Part 2: Bennett talking about his support of term limits

We will not quote the article in full for copyright reasons, but will in our citation include extraneous subject material proceeding (if any) of the issue of term limits as well as following (if any) to show we have covered the full article subtopic of term limits. Furthermore, we will do no editing or emphasizing to convey a true flavor of the article as it was intended.


    Salt Lake Tribune, The (UT) - Thursday, October 29, 1992
    If elected to the Senate, will you place a limit on the number of terms you will seek? If so, how many?
    Yes. Twelve years, two terms in the Senate and six in the House.
    What is the single biggest problem facing the nation today?
    The single biggest problem facing our nation is a Congress that doesn't work. This has led to the biggest economic problem, the federal deficit. I have made Congressional reform a centerpiece of my campaign. The first bill I will introduce is a bill to reduce the size of congressional staff by at least 25%. I also support term limits, the line-item veto, and the balanced-budget amendment with a tax limitation provision, which will help with both the debt and Congressional reform. All of these measures will help change the way Congress operates and help reduce the federal deficit.
    If elected, you will have no seniority in the U.S. Senate. Even if congressional reform takes place in the near future, Utah will be left in the next few years with a Senator without clout. How do you propose to overcome that?
    The rules of the Senate give a new senator power to influence legislation in a way that many new members of the House cannot. I have worked in the Senate, I know the rules, and I can make them work for Utah. Recent history reminds us that new senators, who are willing to work hard, often have a significant impact even in their first terms. For example, Sen. Hatch led the fight against significant new labor laws during his first term. I am tenacious and work hard. I will have an impact, even as a junior senator...."

    Deseret News, The (Salt Lake City, UT) - Monday, July 20, 1992
    Author: Bob Bernick Jr., Political Editor
    "...Here's how the four see their primary races: Bob BennettPointing to Cannon's current TV advertisements, Bennett said his campaign will concentrate ``on solutions, not slogans,'' and on Bennett's emphasis on cleaning up Congress. ``Congress is the problem, the place to start. You can't fix Washington until you fix Congress. And you can't do that with slogans like `We should replace all the people back there,' '' said Bennett. Specifics? Bennett said he's ``seen the light'' on term limitation. He'll only stay two terms , 12 years, and supports term limitation by law. To help control Congress' spending, Bennett supports a line-item veto for the president. ``Joe doesn't,'' he said. ``I'd cut the congressional staff by at least 25 percent...."

  • ROLLY & WELLS ...
    Salt Lake Tribune, The (UT) - Monday, April 27, 1992
    ....Robert G. Pruett III represented WE, which received $5,000 from Waste Management Inc., which has lobbied for higher fees in Utah so firms will dispose of their waste at Waste Management's California facility instead.
    Pruett says he is a Waste Management representative to resolve any legal questions about WE's acceptance of the $5,000.
    BRENT WARD, in a recent joint appearance by Republican U.S. Senate candidates, promised: ``I am not going to stay in the Congress for more than 12 years. Period.''
    ``If you're going to only serve two terms ,'' said candidate Bob Bennett , ``why don't you let me serve two terms first. You're a young guy.''


    Deseret News, The (Salt Lake City, UT) - Tuesday, October 20, 1992
    "...How would you balance the federal budget?
    Bob Bennett (R)
    Adopt a balanced budget amendment with a tax limitation provision. Give the president the line-item veto to control pork-barrel spending. Adopt many of the remaining provisions of the Grace Commission. Limit growth of entitlement spending to a rate lower than the growth rate of the economy. Significantly cut federal operating budgets. Adopt a pro-growth tax and regulation policy.
    Wayne Owens (D)
    I support a presidential line-item veto; balanced budget amendment; 10-year sunset review of all federal agencies except entitlement programs; eight-year term limitation for committee chairmen; cut the number of committees and committee staffs by 25 percent; split federal budgets into capital (investment) and operating budgets, balance operating budgets; cut unnecessary programs whether they provide jobs in your state or not. I don't support an arbitrary cap on entitlements or unfair entitlement reductions, like Bennett calls for.
    Do you favor or oppose term limitations? If so, at what length?
    Bob Bennett (R)
    Yes. 12 years for the House and Senate.
    Wayne Owens (D)
    No. Term limits will undermine the power of small states in Congress, increase the power of the bureaucrats and special-interest lobbyists. A better solution is eight-year limits on committee chairmanships and reform campaign financing laws to make elections more competitive...."

    Deseret News, The (Salt Lake City, UT) - Sunday, November 1, 1992
    "...Bennett has built a campaign around one word - change. And he's pushed it in innovative TV commercials for more than nine months.
    Bennett , 58, says Congress must be reformed radically before other major federal problems, like the deficit, can be solved. He's for a balanced-budget amendment, with the provision to hold down tax increases.
    He favors a line-item veto for the president. He wants to cut congressional staffs and limit the terms of House and Senate members to 12 years each.
    Bennett says anyone who is serious about reducing the federal deficit must talk about entitlement programs, like Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid. While saying he won't reduce those benefits, he is willing to look at controlling their growth by linking them to the cost of living...."

    Deseret News, The (Salt Lake City, UT) - Tuesday, October 20, 1992
    Author: Bob Bernick Jr., Political Editor
    "...But it's clear Owens is going down, if indeed he ends up losing, fighting.
    To get a better handle on the issues that divide the two men, the Deseret News asked them to fill out a questionnaire.
    The men differ on health care reform; how to cut the military and how much; on term limitations for incumbent congressmen and campaign finance reform.
    Owens' campaign has revolved around one main theme: He's been an effective fighter for Utah's interests.
    Bennett has grabbed a hold of the word ``change'' - saying he is a man who can join with others and reform Congress and its fiscal mess...."
    Deseret News, The (Salt Lake City, UT) - Thursday, September 3, 1992
    Author: Gina Howard, Staff Writer
    While not disagreeing that the deficit is an important issue, Bennett said nothing can be done until problems with Congress are solved. ``For me, the number one issue is how are we going to restructure the Congress? That's why I favor term limitation and the (presidential) line-item veto,'' he said, adding that the first bill he plans to introduce would be to cut congressional staffs by 25 percent. Bennett said 43 of the 50 states' governors have the line-item veto, and that it's time the president has that power also.
    Cannon said he has some ``reservations'' about the line-item veto and opposes term limitation. Each would require a constitutional amendment, Cannon believes.
    Both candidates agreed the growth of entitlements like Medicaid, Medicare and welfare must be slowed; that changes in the welfare program must be made on a state level; and that the nation's health-care system needs to be reformed but not by a federally mandated, national health-care plan. Both oppose a congressional pay raise.
    Cannon said Congress deserves a pay raise - when they balance the budget. Congressmen's pensions should be gradually reduced so they don't have an incentive to stay in Congress. This would also make ``them live more like normal people . . . so they feel like normal people,'' Cannon said.
    Saying he will not accept the pension if he is elected, Bennett said that being a congressmen has become a full-time profession and called for a return to part-time citizen service. ``Citizen service is something you do for your country, not for your retirement,'' he said. Cannon said he opposes a national health-care plan because it ``would only be more costly and less efficient.'' He supports tax credits for small businesses. Bennett also supports tax credits and believes that it is silly that employers own health-care policies. ``You should own the policy yourself,'' he said.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tribute to Conservative Senate Candidate Cherilyn Eagar

Yesterday, Utah frontrunner Senate candidate Cherilyn Eagar posted on her website the suggestion of the upbeat song of "Twenty Ten" by Lloyd Marcus which has over a million Youtube hits as a theme for this year's campaign. We love this song!

Yet considering all the decades of dedicated conservative service to our country since a young woman standing up against the ERA, Nacilbupera feels it well-merited and apropos to dedicate another of Lloyd Marcus' songs--"Our Girls"--to Cherilyn. Although we aren't voting for Cherilyn because she is a woman we are proud she is a woman, a staunch defender of liberty, and are looking forward to November when Utah will elect Cherilyn to the Senate as the first uncompromisingly conservative female US Senator!

Our modern conservative women are armed with the rifle above the fireplace mantle and are ready to stand alongside their husbands, brothers, fathers and sons to defend life and liberty against evil socialism and moral depravity encircling the family home.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Calendar of Events

2010: Starting the New Year Right with Senator Scott Brown

Had Enough Corruption Yet, Bay Staters?
How much corruption does it take for the good citizens of Massachusetts to say enough is enough? In 2009 the third consecutive Democratic Speaker of the House, Salvatore DiMasi, resigned and is currently on trial for a myriad of Federal corruption charges. Over in the State Senate it was even better with Senator Galluccio who can't stay sober and does the hit-and-run thing with a toothpaste excuse handy when he fails the breathalyzer, and 2008 former bribes-into-bra Senator Wilkerson who got handed a bunch more corruption charges.

Add to that it took his own death for Senator Ted Kennedy to release his dishonorable, dynastic stranglehold on the US Senate seat he seized for 46 awful years despite the wrongful death of his companion Mary Jo Kopechne.

Senate-appointee corruption
The culminating tragedy for the rest of America was the horrific way the corrupt legislature--the Massachusetts General Court--changed the rules on the appointment of US Senators to vacant seats to promote specific nominations to the seat. In 2004 when it appeared Republican Gov. Romney might replace Senator Kerry, at the specific urging of Senator Kennedy the General Court changed the rules to prohibit a Romney appointee. Yet when Kennedy suddenly died last August, the selfsame General Court rushed through restoration of the Governor-appointee process to give Democrat Governor Patrick the ability to appoint a crony, Paul Kirk. Even a 90-day request for the law to take effect by the GOP was denied. Nacilbupera vehemently denounces these actions by the Democrats as nothing short of evil, corrupt, political gerrymandering. Laws are designed to benefit the whole, not just Paul Kirk.

Yes Massachusetts, it is your Commonwealth, but we are watching. And when it comes to a Federal office, suffering. Were it not for this evil political gerrymandering we would not have had our Christmas ruined by needless debate and voting on unconstitutional healthcare scheme legislation.

Scott Brown vs. Martha Coakley
In December, Massachusetts held their primaries and the two parties came up with two contrasting candidates. On the Democratic side they put forth Martha Coakley who embodies the Democratic spirit of corruption by having kept in jail Gerald Amirault to advance her political prowess (credit to Right Klik who is all over this.) The GOP put forth principled conservative state Senator Scott Brown who the worst he's done is way back when as a college student posed semi-nude in Cosmo. In our research of Senator Brown, a decorated Lt. Colonel in the MA National Guard, we find him and his Brown Brigade campaign worthy of our trust, endorsement, and a financial contribution. That he announced his candidacy for US Senate on 9/12 and spoken at tea party rallies (pictured above) further reveals his principles.
This race is a chance for Bay Staters to decide on Tuesday, January 19th, whether to for a principled conservative in Brown or a known corrupted in Coakley. Nacilbupera has had enough corruption and wants our country back to principles; citizens of the Commonwealth, do you? Minutemen of Massachusetts: arise and throw off the chains of despotic, dynastic tyranny which enslave you into taxation, regulation, and socialism! Vote for Brown!!

Open Thread 2010

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