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Whoever examines with attention the history of the dearths and famines … will find, I believe, that a dearth never has arisen from any combination among the inland dealers in corn, nor from any other cause but a real scarcity, occasioned sometimes perhaps, and in some particular places, by the waste of war, but in by far the greatest number of cases by the fault of the seasons; and that a famine has never arisen from any other cause but the violence of government attempting, by improper means, to remedy the inconveniences of a dearth. (Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations IV.5.44)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

No to Waxman-Markley, Yes to Republican-Environmentalism

Nacilbupera is a Republican-environmentalist. We have always purchased the smallest, most fuel-economic car that would meet our personal or family needs. We have used our Trek bicycle and our feet as primary means of transportation during our schooling years when we didn’t need a car. We use public buses when it makes economic and practical sense. We don’t idle our cars in the morning and work in the same town we live. We generally purchase Energy Star appliances, acutely so when we can recuperate the additional investment. We turn off lights and are converting to compact fluorescent light bulbs in our home as our incandescent ones burn out. We take short showers and avoid over-watering our lawn. We keep our home cool in the winter and warmer in the summer. We recycle newspaper, steel, and aluminum. We enjoy watching betimes “Planet Green” and keep our eyes vigilant for ideas and technologies we can implement on our meager budget.

Nacilbupera loves our planet. We are awed by the divers creatures—minute and gargantuan--and the breathtaking scenery and vast expanses both in and out of our protected parks. Nacilbupera despises smog and pollution as they detract from the vista and create health risks. Indeed, Nacilbupera believes the majority of Americans love their environment so much they are willing to take small sacrifices to keep American beautiful. So far, both Republican- and Democratic-environmentalists would both wholeheartedly support the ideas we have addressed.

Yet a Republican-environmentalist contrasts to a Democratic-environmentalist in two fundamental ways. First, the level of government involvement: Republicans believe that government should encourage environmentalism, while Democrats believe it should be forced, mandated, taxed, and bureaucratically controlled. The perfect example of this is the proposed “Waxman-Markey Bill” aka “American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009” aka “cap and trade bill.” The bill seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and thus in turn reduce global warming. Greenhouse gases are primarily carbon dioxide and methane and are contrasted to the smog and pollutant gases measured by the federal and state governments including carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide. In other words, the bill is aimed at decreasing global temperature not directly at fighting pollutants and preserving nature.

There is no debate that the Waxman-Markely Bill will cost Americans more money; what is at question is how much. Estimates range between $100-$1500 annually per household in energy costs with significant increases in federal debt and fuel prices. Democrats have hijacked the environmental debate and turned it into a global warming crisis. Nacilbupera believes that while there is ample evidence to support global warming (e.g. worldwide glacier melt), it is difficult to pinpoint causes (volcanoes and the sun itself are two major variables) and even more unpredictable to suggest future temperatures. While Nacilbupera does not oppose curbing greenhouse gases, we are opposed to a heavy-handed Democratic mandated solution on an already overtaxed citizenry with a scandalously overspent Congress. A better solution would be to establish a voluntary fund that concerned citizens, unions, and corporations could donate to provide the government funds with which to curb gases through things like clean coal technology research or tax credits for alternative fuel source (electric, hydrogen, etc) vehicles. Finally, if developing nations like China and India do not the same (which is unlikely) the projected impact on global temperature is little to nothing and all the money of Waxman-Markley will have been wasted.

The second way a Republican-environmentalist differs is in supporting all forms of energy production (i.e. “all of the above”) to support the demands of our growing population. Nacilbupera wholeheartedly embraces zero-emissions nuclear power (including our support for Utah’s first nuclear power plant—Blue Castle—to be located in Green River), expansion of domestic oil & gas drilling (shame on Obama’s Interior Secretary Ken Salazar for cancelling drilling leases earlier this year on our Utah lands!), solar, wind, geothermal, clean coal, and hydroelectric. Democratic-environmentalists have an excuse ready not to do anything: wind turbines kill birds, solar panels block view, nuclear you have to actually store the waste, and so forth. America doesn’t need a California-style energy shortage Nacilbupera experienced several years ago under the hand of Democratic ex-Governor Gray Davis and the Democratic California Legislature. Some of the more extreme Democratic-environmentalists, advocates of so-called “sustainable development” philosophy are actually hostile to humans wanting to reduce total human population through diminished growth rates including abortion rather than researching solutions through science and exploration. As we have stated our principles previously, Nacilbupera is Pro-Life and if need saying, Pro-Human.

In summary being a Republican-environmentalist means protecting your environment, conserving resources, and promoting energy development while at the same time feeding your family, keeping taxes low to encourage parental time with children, and letting government focus on national defense and protection from terrorism.

Praise Pro Powell

We are not the Republican Clique or the Republican Coterie. We are the proud Republican Party, a tens of millions strong throng of independent thinkers united by a party platform that boasts belief in small government, low taxes, traditional values, equal rights, and strict constructionist interpretation of our glorious constitution.

We have a leader--his name is Michael Steele, not Rush Limbaugh mind you. Our party was the party of slave-freers and desegregationists, the party that won the Cold War, kept us safe in a War on Terror, and rescued us from the highest modern-day inflation rate and misery index. We have supported all races, all religions, and women while our counterparts who boast of their civil rights record interred "j*ps" in concentration camps and ordered all Mormons to be "exterminated".

We value independent thought and freedom of the press and speech such that not all members subscribe completely to our party platform. That suits us just fine. For example, Nacilbupera welcomes the Log Cabin Republicans, many of whom may not support the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), but are united with us because of their belief in a fiscally responsible government.

Sometimes a party member speaks their mind out of line with the platform. So was it with General Colin Powell when he endorsed Obama for President last October. Nacilbupera was upset at the endorsement as we failed to see the apparent qualities Powell saw in Obama; nevertheless Powell remains a hero of our party. General Powell as the first African-American in our country's highest military office led us to victory as we freed Kuwait in Gulf War I. He served honorably as our nation's first African-American Secretary of State under George W. Bush. He is a man of thoughtfulness and composure not a radical racist like Rev. Jeremiah Wright or a terrorist-freer like Attny General Eric Holder.

There are several issues on which Nacilbupera could disagree with General Powell's moderate stances but we feel he is an honorable man and deserves our praise not our chastisement. We welcome General Powell in helping build our party and recruit the youth.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sotomayor: Unfit for Supreme Court

Sotomayor uses her judicial appointment to create policy.

Is this on tape? Um, Nacilbupera knows we don't make statements like this. We know. We know. Nacilbupera isn't promoting this statement or advocating this statement. Um, ok, having said that this blog is where that statement is percolating.

And what is percolating isn't good. It appears in addition to her philosophy of using the judgeship for something outside of the checks and balances of our government, she is bigoted, elevating Hispanics not equal, but superior to other races:

In her talk, she disagreed with an approach to judging expressed by former Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, the first woman to serve on the US Supreme Court. Justice O'Connor was frequently quoted as saying that a wise old man and a wise old woman would reach the same conclusion in deciding cases.

"I'm not so sure that I agree with the statement," Sotomayor said. "I would hope a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life."
(Christian Science Monitor)

In asserting her bigotry we also submit the pending case Ricci v. DeStefano appealed from Sotomayor's Second Circuit Court of Appeals to the Supreme Court where the city of New Haven refused to grant firefighters promotions simply because no black scored high enough on a test administered by the city. Sotomayor sided against the firefighters in favor of the city.

Judging judges is a difficult task. There are complex issues involved with reaching implications. Yet Sotomayor's actions do not seem consistent with being a blind (fair, impartial) judge of the law. Nevertheless, we have a review process in place beginning with our Senate Judiciary Committee and Sotomayor will have opportunity to discuss her positions. Interviews such as yesterday's Fox News with Senator Orrin Hatch of the Committee reveal that Hatch has many more questions about her qualifications based on her past rulings.

Nacilbupera opposes Obama's nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. However, we will also reserve final judgement until the Judiciary Committee has a chance to thoroughly question Judge Sotomayor.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Thank You Soldier!

On this Memorial Day 2009, Nacilbupera would be greatly amiss if we didn't publicly thank the noble and courageous men and women serving in our armed forces, past and present. We honor you today.

Nacilbupera is chagrined we did not honor our living members of our country's armed forces last week on the 60th annual Armed Forces Day. Upon reflection, we have three annual opportunities to pay homage to our military: the current forces on Armed Forces Day, the deceased forces on Memorial Day, and our honorably discharged and retired forces on Veteran's Day. Custom, however, permits us to honor all or any of our present or past military on each holiday.

Serving in the military is a noble endeavor; indeed, it is one Nacilbupera wishes perhaps we somehow had made the opportunity to experience. Alas! Nacilbupera must use this freedom granted by the service of our military to lift our country and build from within.

America, May God Thy Gold Refine!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nancy Pelosi Recieves Political Opprobruim Onus

Nacilbupera formally denounces Nancy Pelosi for her scandalous and ignominious responses to the inquires into her knowledge of CIA enhanced interrogations. She has accused the CIA of lying to Congress but has yet to present an iota of evidence to support her claims. That she didn't know about these techniques makes no sense: as House Intelligence Committee Member, she should have known.

Nacilbupera agrees with former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich on the remedy for Ms. Pelosi's scurvy behavior as follows: "...provide the proof that the CIA has been regularly lying, or apologize on the floor of the House to the CIA and the country, or be removed from office." As Ms. Pelosi has failed to do any of three logical choices, Nacilbupera affirms her recipient of Nacilbupera's Political Opprobrium Onus.

This Onus is reserved for politicians who so egregiously violate ethical norms of honesty and trust that Nacilbupera has withdrawn all respect and confidence in that politician's ability to govern for the benefit of the country. Once the Onus is bestowed, that politician is blacklisted as corrupt and cannot be removed until (and if ever) the politician makes adequate public penance to have the Onus removed. Some examples of past Onuses:
  • Bill Clinton lying under oath in court during a sexual harassment investigation including a debate over the definition of the word "is"

  • Ted Kennedy abandoning his companion Ms. Kopechne to die in his submerged car as a result of his reckless driving--and never seeking emergency assistance for her

  • Joe Biden plagiarizing his 1987 speech and lying over his law school record

  • Richard Nixon covering up the Watergate break-in

Rep. Rob Bishop from our home state got a vote in Congress to establish a committee of two Republicans and two Democrats to investigate Pelosi's claims, but the Democrats voted this down today. So much for Pelosi's declared "spirit of partnership, not partisanship" she heralded on assuming the Speaker position.

In issuing this Onus, Nacilbupera reaffirms the need for honesty and accountability in our politicians of all parties. How can we be led to safety and prosperity when our leaders like Ms. Pelosi lie to us? They have violated our trust and should be quickly removed and replaced.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Man of Steele!!!!

Michael Steele was the hero of the day fending off an absurd distraction of the GOP trying to rename the Democratic Party the "Democrat Socialist Party". Come on folks, this is ridiculous. Let the Democrats name their own party; besides there already is a Democratic Socialists of America Party. We have real issues to tackle and real lives at stake. The Democratic Party is full of Socialists with some of them leaning Communistic. So what? Who cares what their name is? They're policies are wrong for America irregardless of their name.

Michael has spoken out about the need to raise funds and to support tough but very winnable Governor races this fall in VA and NJ. Although east-coast politics is less of a forte for Nacilbupera, we are very impressed with both the likes of NJ Republican candidates Steve Lonegan and Chris Christie. (Nacilbupera generally does not endorse candidates in primaries of states we have not had adequate experience with but simply puts forth some support for candidates that seem to share our values and ideals. Another likeable candidate is Colorado US Senate candidate and veteran Ryan Frazier whose oratory skills make Obama's somniferous).

Nacilbupera applauds Michael for this victory and for keeping our focus on outreaching our message to new Republican recruits and building margins of victory for our future Republican leaders who in turn will rescue our country's out-of-control spending and keep her safe.

Monday, May 18, 2009

California's Special Election & Economic Disaster

Politics in California has particular meaning to Nacilbupera as we lived there before our present abode. Indeed, we abashedly reveal our vote for Schwarzenegger back in the days of the 2003 Special Election (regrettably, we wish we had voted for Tom McClintock!!) to rid ourselves of Gray Davis.
California for the past few decades has been and is a blue state. The Democrats control everything, especially the legislature where they have 60/40 majorities. Occasionally a Republican will pop into a statewide elected office. Schwarzenegger is a liberal Republican.

Californians have been voting themselves into debt for years. It seems as though nearly every proposed bond or spending bill that was proposed to the voters was passed. Spend, spend, spend. Raise taxes and spend. Pay for healthcare and schooling of illegal aliens so more will cross the border! Of course, most of the Propositions were put on the ballot by the Democratically-controlled legislature. Of all the blame to be doled out, the Democrats in the legislature need to be held most accountable--who else is there to blame?? It becomes the goal of every astute voter in California to throw out as many Democrats as possible and replace them with McClintock-like Republicans who actually care about spending wisely.

The budget deficit is so bad now in California they are voting tomorrow whether to raise taxes to pay for all the spending mess they are in. The Propositions are a shame except for the "slap on the wrist" 1F which forbids raises on government officials during budget shortfalls. Yet Californians are beginning to wise up. A recent poll showed all the Propositions failing except 1F (graphic, Californians realize that giving more money to a Democratically controlled legislature will NOT solve the problem; cutting social programs will.

The Special Election Californians REALLY need is a 2003-style Special Election, but instead of the Governor, throw out the liberals in the legislature. Call it a "California Tea Party" if you will. And there is seemingly widespread support to do so. In a recent Field Poll study a mere 14% of California voters approved of their state legislature while a massive 74% disapprove--the lowest in Field Poll recorded history. That's even lower ratings than the 24% approval rating Gray Davis had before we voters threw him out in our 2003 Special Election.

What Nacilbupera vigorously opposes is a so-called "California Bailout." Such a bailout would be better-termed an "Illegal Alien Bailout" in honor of such "sanctuary cities" such as San Francisco (though SF is just the tip of the blame game as the whole state is guilty). Nacilbupera is strongly opposed to any bailout as we way, way, way overdid the bailout thing and are getting our whole country messed up. Mitt Romney was right: we should have never bailed out the automakers, but rather let them file Chapter 11 and emerge leaner and stronger. Nacilbupera rejects the notion we should have to pay for unwise social program spending of others--besides, frankly, we don't even have the money for a California Bailout should we even desire one.

California won't fail because at this 11th hour the voters are beginning to take back their state.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Should Governor Huntsman be confirmed as China's Ambassador?

Nacilbupera proudly voted for Governor Jon Huntsman last fall. He has been a great Governor economically for our state and Nacilbupera shares many--with notable exceptions--of Governor Huntsman's values. Put up Utah's economy versus pretty much any other state in the Union and Huntsman is a "poster boy" of fiscal conservatism.

Nacilbupera feels Huntsman is extremely capable of being China's Ambassador as he has prior Ambassadorship experience, fluency in Mandarin, an adopted Chinese girl, international business experience with Huntsman Chemical, and two years of volunteer work in Taiwan. Nacilbupera also praises Obama for his crossing party lines to select such a well qualified candidate.

To his shortcomings, Huntsman does come across condescending in a rather mean-no-harm type of way and thus would not make the strongest case of presidential candidate as rumor has it. The facts that Huntsman supported McCain over Romney in the Republican Presidential Primaries and supporting civil unions in the nation's most traditional family state reveal his taste for the center, rather than being a traditional staunch conservative.

Yet Nacilbupera feels betrayed by Huntsman's acceptance of this nomination. In the debates this fall against Democratic challenger Bob Springmeyer, Hunstman committed to serving out a full second four-year term if elected. Here is an excerpt from that debate you can read or view:

Bob Springmeyer: Other than Olene Walker, we've had two consecutive Governors that have had ambitions for higher office. And they've been get along, go along Governors because of that. Not wanting to rock any boat, not wanting to disturb anything, because they really had ambitions for higher office. I've challenged you, and I'll challenge you again, Jon, will you make a commitment for a full four year term?
Governor Huntsman: That's exactly what I intend to do.
Governor Huntsman: You don't see us doing what our politicians have typically done.
We're here for two terms at the most, and then we'll move on and we'll let--
Bob Springmeyer: And you'll commit to finish out a full four year term?
Governor Huntsman: That's been our commitment, absolutely.

Nacilbupera feels it is important to not play partisan politics and to hold politicians--be it Democrat or Republican--to their words. It is sad to see such a quality individual as Huntsman so readily give up a campaign promise at the first offer of national exposure. Nacilbupera feels betrayed by the dishonesty of Governor Huntsman in keeping his word; what we need more of in this world--even more than qualified Ambassadors--is we need statesmen who will keep their word.

This is not meant as a tirade against Obama; indeed we require no "forgiveness" as Obama graciously elicited in his nomination speech (C-Span) for the nation's need for our popular Governor. However, Nacilbupera does fault Huntsman in not honoring his word. In his acceptance, Huntsman dodged his commitment to the people of the State of Utah and broke his word through this justification:
"But I grew up understanding that the most basic responsibility one has is service to country. When the President of the United States asks you to step up and serve in a capacity like this, that to me is the end of the conversation and the beginning of the obligation to rise to the challenge." (transcript ours)
Why then, Governor, when you had these feelings since the time you "grew up" did you not make it clear when given the opportunity by your opponent that if you had a President who asked you to be an Ambassador, a cabinet member, an undersecretary, whatever--you would feel the need to do honor that request? Why did you instead emphatically insist on committing to fulfilling a four-year term if the People would so permit you? Where is your word of honor?

Because of Huntsman's broken word, Nacilbupera does not support Huntsman in being confirmed as China's Ambassador. And we thus answer the title: no. Nacilbupera does not support Democrat Nancy Pelosi in retaining her Speakership because of her false denials regarding interrogations and we will not support Republican Jon Huntsman breaking his promise to the People of Utah.

Notre Dame Obama Supporter Offers No Hope and No Change in Abortion Policy

Yesterday, on "The Factor", commentator Bill O'Reilly hosted the above discussion between Notre Dame students Michael Lucien and Aldrich Anderson.

Nacilbupera takes argument with the "facts" as presented by Mr. Lucien: "...I disagree that Obama is THE most pro-choice President by nature of a speech he gave on April 29th he mentioned that he is no longer pursuing the Freedom of Choice Act..." (transcript ours).

The "speech" Lucien refers to is actually a response to CNN reporter Ed Henry questioning him on his position on the abortion topic being "above my pay grade." Note that Henry, not Obama brought up the issue.

Obama replied in his response to Henry's question: "the freedom of choice act [FOCA] is not my highest legislative priority". Re-prioritizing FOCA away from "first thing I'd do as president" is a whole lot different than no longer "pursuing" it. If Obama were no longer "pursuing" FOCA, he would have stated: "FOCA is no longer on my legislative agenda."

Lucien furthermore neglected to point out what Obama is "pursuing" as of late (May 7th) when it comes to abortion: repeal of the Dornan Amendment in his 2010 Budget. Such a repeal would effectively mean US taxpayers would be funding abortions in the District of Columbia.

Although Mr. Lucien is entitled to his opinion (proffered without a substitute president as the most pro-choice), Lucien should clarify his statement about Obama not "pursuing" FOCA.

Nacilbupera still claims Obama as the most anti-life President ever.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Pro-Lifers Winning Hearts

Yesterday, Gallup released its surprising new poll findings that Pro-Lifers are in the majority for the first time since they began surveying in 1995. Nacilbupera was a bit taken aback at this, believing Pro-Lifers to be in the majority in the past, but perhaps this was hailing back to the Reagan years.

Nacilbupera was intrigued by the commentary on yesterday's "O'Reilly Factor" by Democratic pollster Pat Caddell:
The bigger story is, and it's been going on for some young people, particularly young women, who have moved against abortion. And young college people against abortion.
It is -- it is a change in the culture for a group that's very liberal on many things, they're very conservative on the issues about abortion. And that is the story, and now it has reached the numbers.
Nacilbupera has noted this movement as well, though not as well defined as Mr. Caddell puts it.

Nacilbupera feels that the Pro-Life message is beginning to reach the hearts of our rising generation as they begin to witness the facts about baby killing in the womb and in some cases, now infanticide. One of Nacilbupera's favorite messages is the 1980's documentary "The Silent Scream" which we did not see until recent years with the advent of internet video-streaming. Silent Scream details, among things, a 12-week abortion. One can only imagine the horrific baby killing at even later stages including partial-birth abortion. This video is the real "inconvenient truth" about abortion and we highly recommend everyone watch it.


The fight for life is far from over. We have a president who seems to stand ready to nominate a Supreme Court justice who will expand abortion-on-demand with blatant disregard for the rights to life of the unborn.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Witchhunt of Carrie Prejean Part 2: Thanks Donald!

Nacilbupera is pleased with Donald Trump's decision to stand behind Carrie Prejean in keeping her Miss California title. Nacilbupera notes the pleasing facundity with which Ms. Prejean carries herself and her correct premise that she should be allowed to opine without false and disparaging remarks made about her.

Trump also revealed in yesterday's conference that Perez Hilton had a "hidden agenda" (Ms. Prejean's words) as his scoring Ms. Prejean was extremely low. Hilton, it now seems, could have been the reason for Ms. Prejean not capturing the full title of Miss USA. Because of this blatant miscoring and abuse of the judge's seat by Mr. Hilton, Nacilbupera is now regarding Ms. Prejean as the true winner in Miss USA 2009.

Nacilbupera admires the Christian forgiveness of Ms. Prejean, but forgiveness does not mean we do not hold legally accountable those who have committed fraud. The photographers who released photos of Ms. Prejean which they weren't even authorized to shoot should be held accountable. They probably made a huge amount of money in committing this crime and this needs to be curbed so that others don't experience the same misery of Ms. Prejean. Also held accountable should be those who doctored photographs of Ms. Prejean and passed the photos off as real as well as those who slandered Ms. Prejean with their words.

Here's the full conference: enjoy.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Celebration of Mothers

Nacilbupera is grateful for Moms. Nacilbupera has been blessed with a Mother who has nurtured us, sacrificed for us, and most importantly instructed us wisely on good vs. bad choices in life to prepare us to stand before the judgement of an omniscient God. We are also grateful to a wonderful mother-in-law who, although has passed on to a better life, always treated us like their favorite son with love and service.

We also give public thanks for a few public Moms. Nacilbupera is grateful to First Mom Michelle Obama and her sacrifices made to raise two beautiful daughters; what a wonderful example! We are grateful to Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her wonderful decision to rear not only a quiver full of children but also a child with special needs.

We are grateful for the Virgin Mary and her special calling as the Mom of our Savior Jesus Christ. And we remember with love also our common Mother Eve, who brought forth the first children to this world.

Mothers seem to have the lowest visible appreciation to work done ratio of humanity; they give their love unconditionally to their husbands and children and oft receive little of worldly benefit in return. Praise to Mothers everywhere!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Witchhunt of Carrie Prejean

***WARNING: This commentary contains quotations of crude and offensive language not appropriate for young children***

Nacilbupera originally was going to pass comment on the Ms. Carrie Prejean story. After all, Nacilbupera is admittedly not a Miss USA pageant viewer and therefore disqualifies ourself as to the opinion of whether Carrie Prejean should have won the Miss USA title or not; this said, in the few segments viewed she did nothing to disqualify herself from garnishing the title and presents herself as a very attractive young woman.

But the story evolved from there. Ms. Prejean has been subject to flagrant left-wing sexual harrasment: homosexual blogger Perez Hilton, after posing the now infamous question, proceeded to sexually harass Ms. Prejean by calling her a "bit**" and "the c-word". Homosexual columnist Micheal Musto upped Hilton a couple of notches on MSNBC: "they also paid for Carrie to cut off her penis, and sand her Adam`s Apple and get a head to toe waxing. I know for a fact that Carrie Prejean was Harry Prejean, a homophobic man, who liked marriage so much, he did it three times. Now he`s a babe who needs a brain implant. Maybe they could inject some fat from her butt. Oh, they have?". There is more of the like from Musto; we just wanted to inject a flavor. Ms. Prejean has been verbally sexually harassed and should pursue a vigorous legal action against these libellous and calumnious remarks.

The discussion has now evolved into whether Miss Prejean should lose her California crown due to an appearance at the National Organization of Marriage because apparently she didn't clear it with the pageant officials, an action against the contract she signed. Rather than witchhunt Ms. Prejean for defending herself against such blatant sexual harassment, officials should seek Ms. Prejeans' future cooperation in clearing appearances. Should Ms. Prejean cooperate, she should retain her crown.

The other issue before pageant officals is a single photo of a 17-year-old Ms. Prejean in pink panties with back bared but breasts covered by arms (Ms. Prejean does work as a model and this hardly seems outside of present day lingerie modeling norms.) When compared to past controversies within the Miss USA/Miss Universe pageants run by Donald Trump such as Joyce Giraud and Tara Conner, Ms. Prejean definitely qualifies for consideration of a second chance.

Should Ms. Prejean prove cooperative as pointed out above, she should merit a second chance. If pageant officials act too hastily to remove Ms. Prejean, it will only serve to show their prejudice and witchhunt against a young woman who simply responded what a majority of Californians voted TWICE: marriage is between a man and a woman.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Previous Nacilbupera Guzzles

2009 Guzzles

"And anyone who was in a position of authority on September 11th, for us every day since then has been September 12th. And every day you recognize that it could happen again." -- C-Span interview with outgoing Secretary of State Condolezza Rice 11/12/08

"You know, you can ruin one lawyer or three lawyers or however many lawyers. The important thing to those of us who care about the country is, we need to have the government...given the threat that we're up against, moving heaven and earth to figure out what the threats are against us, to figure out where the next place we might get hit is." -- Andrew C. McCarthy in interview May 6th 2009 with Rush Limbaugh, on the Obama administration's attempts to punish Guantanamo Bay architect lawyers.
"I think a problem in our country today in our country is apathy. It would be apathetic to just kinda hunker down and go with the flow. We're fishermen we know that only dead fish go with the flow."--Sarah Palin July 3rd 2009 on her unorthodox decision to resign the Alaska governorship to pursue other ways of service to state and nation.
"The Obama mantra appears to be – 'ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do to atone for your country.'" -- Nile Gardiner in UK Telegraph Sept 23, 2009, commenting on Obama's UN speech and worldwide apology tours.

"My maiden name is Bacon….Our Senators think that it’s their job to “bring home the bacon” but actually it’s just the opposite: it’s their job to help our state to keep the bacon right here at home, help our people…hang on to those hard earned dollars that they have; and that’s what we got to do if we’re going to turn this around."-- 2010 Utah U.S. Senate Candidate Cherilyn Eagar on Nov 2, 2009, in interview with 912 Project Truck

"I've been in Harry Reid's office for 13 hours and I'm glad to get out of there." -- Sen. Chuck Schumer, Dec 19 2009, on the behind-closed-doors healthcare amendment as quoted in the original AP news article by Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar before article was modified and quote deleted by David Epso. [Nacilbupera: we would be happy to get out of Reid's office, too!]

Jan 2010

"Citizen service is something you do for your country, not for your retirement."--Bob Bennett campaining for the Utah Senate seat in 1992 as quoted by The Deseret News 9/3/1992.Now in 2010 and running for a fourth term, he would reach 83 in office if elected.

"With all due respect, it's not the Kennedy seat, it's not the Democrats' seat, it's the people's seat."--Massachusetts US Senate Candidate Scott Brown winning the debate 1/11/10 with his position that the Democratic healthcare scheme is bad.

“I have worked in a chemical factory, driven a bus and a garbage truck, worked in a gas station, and on the farm.. I have worn the judicial robe, but I have also worn the work gloves of the working person. I’ll wear these same work gloves when I go to work for you in Washington, D. C. as your U. S. Senator.” --Rising Illinois 2010 US Senate Candidate Judge Don Lowery in his 2009 campaign announcement.

“At least I wasn't the Edwards girl." --Amber Lee Ettinger aka Youtube sensation "The Obama Girl" in interview 1/28/2010 with Sean Hannity on her disenchantment with Obama.

Feb 2010

“We are going stinking broke…because morons like these two Fruitloops like you got representing you in the Senate right now they go up there and they get money and they get money and they get money…and it doesn’t get paid—it just gets borrowed and you and I get deeper and deeper… in the swamp. It is an act I consider of treason because it is fundamentally an act of destruction of our republic because you cannot survive…in a sea of debt: you will drown…. It’s time to flush Bennett and Hatch.” --KNRS Radio talk show host Bob Lonsberry 2/15/2010 on earmarks and the terrible debt Utah's Senators have incurred during their inordinate tenures.

“I have not heard people in the Republican Party yet admit they have a problem…I haven’t seen the “come to Jesus moment” of the Republican Party yet…[to say] "Hello my name is the Republican Party and I’ve got a problem. I’m addicted to spending and Big Government.” --Keynote speaker and self-described "recovering alcoholic" Glenn Beck at CPAC 2/20/2010 in describing how it isn't just the Democrats who have a spending problem.

“Dingy Harry's campaign slogan is 'Vote for me or my wife gets beat up.'" --Rush Limbaugh 2/24/2010 reacting to Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid's 2/22 comments of "Men, when they're out of work, tend to become abusive" coupled with Reid's unlikely prospects of reelection.

Mar 2010

Notice of Change to Anonymous Commenting: Effective Friday 3/5 Nacilbupera will no longer accept Anonymous comments, which by Blogger settings also includes comments under name/url only. Would Blogger allow for comment moderation on Anonymous comments, Nacilbupera would allow such comments after moderating; but as such we have been concerned with rule violation and rumor-spreading by multiple Anonymous posts. Nacilbupera will not be a forum for propaganda but do encourage appropriate discussion. You will not need to have a blogger account to comment but will need to have some account with an Open ID. You can retain a high level of anonymity based on the settings of the Open ID/Blogger account you comment with. An open thread is available to you as well as my email address for any question/concerns.

“…Mike lee is kinda like a high school kid who trained for wrestling gets out on the mat, looks up and realizes he has to wrestle a girl. And it’s like now what? What if she beats me? Where do I put my hands? I don’t know what to do--instead of getting out there and fighting a good fight and doing the best he can…he just kinda gives up and like “I don’t want to wrestle a girl.” -- Lisa, caller on the 3/4/10 Bob Lonsberry Show during the hour Lee was scheduled to debate Cherilyn Eagar. (Lee had withdrawn on short notice with no valid reason.)

"...what happens if you don't get health care for this president? This is really all-or-nothing for the sense of his power, for his legacy. He's invested so much in this in this first year. You've GOT to get this for him!-- Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC on 3/12 pleading to Rep. Cummings to pass the bill as a favor for Obama. Cummings agreed "a million percent."

"My great freedom-loving Americans, we must save America as we knew it. -- Jon Voight 3/20/10 at the D.C. tea party rally

Apr 2010

"Nah. These are my people. Americans." -- Tea partier Darryl Postell responding 4/15/2010 to a NBC reporter questioning if as an "African American" he ever felt uncomfortable attending tea party events.

May 2010
"God thundereth marvellously with his voice; great things doeth he, which we cannot comprehend." -- Quote from Job 37:5 KJV pointing to the belief of our Founding Fathers that we are a nation under God and that that we owe our continued existence to the great things he does for us

June 2010
"...The people are always most in danger when the means of injuring their rights are in the possession of those whom they entertain the least suspicion." --Alexander Hamilton in the Federalist Papers, No. 25, p. 164.

July 2010
"Reasonable people cannot differ that when men stand in front of polls with weapons and prevent people from getting into vote--that there is any difference of opinion on that. That is sacred in America. The polling place is sacred." --Ex-DOJ attorney J. Christian Adams on 6/30/10, revealing the politically-motivated DOJ's dismissal of charges against the Black Panthers.

Nov 2010
"It's easy to continue to raise taxes without thinking of those who cannot pay any more." -- Utah State Representative Carl Wimmer advocating a state Constitutional Amendment requiring 2/3rds majority for passage of tax increases.

"When President Bush came into office, we had a budget surplus and the national debt was a little over $5 trillion. It has doubled over the last eight years. And we are now looking at a deficit of well over half a trillion dollars."Barack Obama in the 3rd Presidential Debates of 2008 decrying Bush's irresponsible deficits. (In his first half of office, President Obama exploded the debt by $4T running a current annual deficit of $1.5T, three times his predecessor. At this pace, as pledged by his so-called "freeze" in the SOTU address, Obama would easily surpass Bush's doubling of the debt.)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

National Day of Prayer

Prayer is a good thing. Every religion teaches us to pray to our almighty God who has power over us. Like many Americans, Nacilbupera prays daily and feels answers to those prayers. Furthermore, Nacilbupera feels that prayer is one of the most powerful forces in the universe, and that the whole of humanity--all races, ages, tongues, and religions--can tap into this power through humility and love.

Government is not in the business to tell us how, when, or to whom we pray. Yet prayer being a good thing, government should encourage its citizens to pray. Government should also offer prayers for success and protection in its military and economic endeavors. Government should not interfere with the rights of students wishing to offer prayers (of success and protection) in their schools--this is an easy way to encourage prayer without government mandating prayer.

Nacilbupera is pleased to have a National Day of Prayer. We also feel that we don't know how to pray together as a country because we all pray in so many different manners. The closest we come is our "moments of silence" but this isn't necessarily the answer. It seems we need to overcome our prejudices of people using a rosary, a tallit, a sajada, or a statue and let us all pray together--in the same room! Let us find that our prayers have much in common that unite us! The President is the perfect American to help unite us in prayer as a country.

Nacilbupera feels Obama today rather ignored the importance of prayer rather than celebrating prayer. What a missed opportunity for good!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Remembering Jack Kemp

Nacilbupera was saddened to hear of Saturday's passing of Jack Kemp. Nacilbupera proudly voted for the Dole-Kemp ticket of 1996 and remembers Kemp fondly for his tax-cutting agenda and his unabashed pro-life stance. How much better off would we be with Kemp in the Oval Office than an Obama or Biden!

To celebrate his passage to a better life, Nacilbupera is encouraging the signing of petition at Permit us some background. Like Kemp, the Catholic church has been a staunch supporter of the unborn's right to life and Obama has been among the most anti-life politicians ever. Indeed Nacilbupera condemns Obama's rescinding of the Mexico City Policy which prohibits our tax dollars from funding abortions outside the US. This rescission was one of the first acts Obama performed as president; indeed Obama has a huge resume of being anti-life (considered by many to be the most anti-life president ever), the topic of another blog another day.

Many Catholics are outraged at the invitation of Obama to speak at their Commencement ceremonies, scheduled May 17th. Many are planning a boycott unless Obama is replaced. The petition above asks Notre Dame President John Jenkins to rescind the invitation. Nacilbupera has joined arms with our Catholic brothers and sisters in signing this petition and urges like-minded lifers to do the same.

Nacilbupera feels that looking down from heaven both Jack Kemp and Our Lady whose name this great university bears would be proud of our efforts.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

We HAVE Forgotten Part 2

Nacilbupera is not alone in raising the "five-bell" alarm in regards to Obama's indifference towards protecting our country from terrorism and setting us up for another attack. Nacilbupera, like a majority of Americans, does not want the blood of his fellow patriots on our hands for not having rung the bell long and loud. Indeed (see also Newsbusters, below) Rasmussen reports that 58% of Americans agree with Nacilbupera that the release of CIA documents regarding interrogation endangers national security. But national security for Nacilbupera has never been a matter of a public opinion poll and frankly, we would yet sound the alarm even if we were in the minority. Jodi Miller also echoes Nacilbupera's thoughts from Part 1 about beheading not being comparable to waterboarding:

Nacilbupera is flabbergasted how Obama changed the correct term "war on terror" to the complex verbiage "overseas contingency operation". (FoxNews) Give me a break! First of all, how is going after mastermind terrorist Bin Laden with his cells of terrorists harbored and partially trained in the USA taking over of domestic flights and crashing into national landmarks--just what do you mean overseas??? This is a war against terror and its being fought in North and South America and all over the globe. We are at war; the terrorist have declared holy jihad against us and have forsworn to destroy us, our families, and our freedoms.

The word "contingency" has worse implications. Merriam-Webster has two definitions; both have disturbing implications. The first definition, "an event that may but is not certain to occur" implies that the terrorists may or may not (uncertainty) strike (event) against the United States. Um hello? hello??? It will take only one successful plot of the many planned against us for the terrorists to succeed. We know they have multiple plans against us, partly thanks to waterboarding. The second definition could imply something more sinister: "something liable to happen as an adjunct to or result of something else". This gets back to Obama's radical religious Black Liberation theology beliefs that 9/11 (something liable to happen) happened because of America's supposed acts of terrorism (because of something else). Obama's former preacher Wright articulated this point well when a mere 5 days after 9/11 he ranted: "We've bombed Hiroshima, we've bombed Nagasaki, we've nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon and we never batted an eye. . . . We have supported state terrorism against the Palestinians and black South Africans, and now we are indignant. Because the stuff we have done overseas is now brought right back into our own front yards. America's chickens are coming home to roost." (Chicago Tribune)

Finally, the term operation. Operation implies a brevity of time and/or scope as contrasted to war. For example, the famed "Operation Market Garden" of WWII took place over several days and was found as one arena within a larger war context. Obama's increasing the troop size in Afghanistan (which Nacilbupera supports) to 60,000 over an undefined period of at least months hardly seems to delimit itself to an "operation." Nay, this is a war and Obama is playing false semantics to push ahead his progressive domestic agenda and push any thought of terrorism from the minds of Americans. Nacilbupera will NOT be calling this a misnomered "overseas contingency operation" but instead correctly referring to it as a "war on terror."

Finally, just in case you have thought you have seen every 9/11 clip and tribute, Nacilbupera encountered this one which we rate "must see." We reflected about what was said and done not many years ago and contrasted it to the radical left-wing media of today. This also personally renewed for Nacilbupera the emotional heartstrings of what we stand for as a country. Enjoy.

Friday, May 1, 2009

We HAVE Forgotten

Nacilbupera isn't a country music buff, but we do enjoy a little country now and then. The first time we heard Darryl Worley's "Have You Forgotten" several months ago (song is much older than that) it literally brought tears to our eyes. Darryl hit it exactly on the head with the lyrics; it simply couldn't be said any more perfectly. And the point is, we HAVE forgotten; or at least some of us have.

Nacilbupera is riled about how the Commander in Chief seems to have forgotten the events of 9/11, the day we awakened to foreign terrorism being achieved in our homeland. Obama's priority is to get rid of Guantanamo Bay, to stop the enhanced interrogation techniques he views as torture, and to release vital CIA documents needed to be kept secret to allow the CIA to protect our country. Although Nacilbupera feels that Obama would never purposely allow our country to lower its defenses, Nacilbupera does condemn him for doing just that. Obama gets an "F" for Failing to adequately protect our county. This is not like Bush where we really didn't fully understand our inadequacies of combating terrorism before 9/11: Obama you know better. You have lived through 9/11. You ought to be doing everything in your power to protect this country but you're too busy trying to figure out if you want to change the definition of torture to go after some Bush administration fall guys. Cut it out before the Chicago tower falls, or before L.A. is hit, or before many innocent men, women, and children have to lose their lives because of your incompetence.

Waterboarding, sleep deprivation, isolation, and other techniques are NOT torture. They do NOT inflict permanent damage on a person. They are done ONLY because the terrorist will not yield the information they are harboring used to kill more innocent people. Torture IS slowly being suffocated to death from smoke inhalation on the 105th floor of a building attacked by terrorists. Torture IS beheading an American Journalist because he is Jewish. And lastly, torture and death ARE what Obama will inflict on the very citizens subordinated to his protection due to his feeble and vain attempts to block terrorism.

Our country is already a lot less safe in the much celebrated "first 100 days" of Obama's administration. Nacilbupera feels that multiple terrorist groups including Al-Qaeda are potting attacks on American soil to take advantage of Obama's apparent disdain for the CIA. Nacilbupera predicts that then inevitable outcome of Obama's policies will be another successful foreign terrorist attack on our soil in the not far distant future. Indeed, Nacilbupera is wary of investing in the stock market because of the negative impact of an expected future terrorist attack. Instead, Nacilbupera recommends investing a modest amount in food and supplies and paying down debts and mortgages--which advice is sound at any given point in time.

Nacilbupera thinks perhaps the most unsung heroes right now are CIA agents who are doing the best they can to gather the information they need to protect us. They are often unknown and unsung and their deaths are not even always public as compared to our military and local emergency officials.