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Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Witchhunt of Carrie Prejean

***WARNING: This commentary contains quotations of crude and offensive language not appropriate for young children***

Nacilbupera originally was going to pass comment on the Ms. Carrie Prejean story. After all, Nacilbupera is admittedly not a Miss USA pageant viewer and therefore disqualifies ourself as to the opinion of whether Carrie Prejean should have won the Miss USA title or not; this said, in the few segments viewed she did nothing to disqualify herself from garnishing the title and presents herself as a very attractive young woman.

But the story evolved from there. Ms. Prejean has been subject to flagrant left-wing sexual harrasment: homosexual blogger Perez Hilton, after posing the now infamous question, proceeded to sexually harass Ms. Prejean by calling her a "bit**" and "the c-word". Homosexual columnist Micheal Musto upped Hilton a couple of notches on MSNBC: "they also paid for Carrie to cut off her penis, and sand her Adam`s Apple and get a head to toe waxing. I know for a fact that Carrie Prejean was Harry Prejean, a homophobic man, who liked marriage so much, he did it three times. Now he`s a babe who needs a brain implant. Maybe they could inject some fat from her butt. Oh, they have?". There is more of the like from Musto; we just wanted to inject a flavor. Ms. Prejean has been verbally sexually harassed and should pursue a vigorous legal action against these libellous and calumnious remarks.

The discussion has now evolved into whether Miss Prejean should lose her California crown due to an appearance at the National Organization of Marriage because apparently she didn't clear it with the pageant officials, an action against the contract she signed. Rather than witchhunt Ms. Prejean for defending herself against such blatant sexual harassment, officials should seek Ms. Prejeans' future cooperation in clearing appearances. Should Ms. Prejean cooperate, she should retain her crown.

The other issue before pageant officals is a single photo of a 17-year-old Ms. Prejean in pink panties with back bared but breasts covered by arms (Ms. Prejean does work as a model and this hardly seems outside of present day lingerie modeling norms.) When compared to past controversies within the Miss USA/Miss Universe pageants run by Donald Trump such as Joyce Giraud and Tara Conner, Ms. Prejean definitely qualifies for consideration of a second chance.

Should Ms. Prejean prove cooperative as pointed out above, she should merit a second chance. If pageant officials act too hastily to remove Ms. Prejean, it will only serve to show their prejudice and witchhunt against a young woman who simply responded what a majority of Californians voted TWICE: marriage is between a man and a woman.

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