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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Should Governor Huntsman be confirmed as China's Ambassador?

Nacilbupera proudly voted for Governor Jon Huntsman last fall. He has been a great Governor economically for our state and Nacilbupera shares many--with notable exceptions--of Governor Huntsman's values. Put up Utah's economy versus pretty much any other state in the Union and Huntsman is a "poster boy" of fiscal conservatism.

Nacilbupera feels Huntsman is extremely capable of being China's Ambassador as he has prior Ambassadorship experience, fluency in Mandarin, an adopted Chinese girl, international business experience with Huntsman Chemical, and two years of volunteer work in Taiwan. Nacilbupera also praises Obama for his crossing party lines to select such a well qualified candidate.

To his shortcomings, Huntsman does come across condescending in a rather mean-no-harm type of way and thus would not make the strongest case of presidential candidate as rumor has it. The facts that Huntsman supported McCain over Romney in the Republican Presidential Primaries and supporting civil unions in the nation's most traditional family state reveal his taste for the center, rather than being a traditional staunch conservative.

Yet Nacilbupera feels betrayed by Huntsman's acceptance of this nomination. In the debates this fall against Democratic challenger Bob Springmeyer, Hunstman committed to serving out a full second four-year term if elected. Here is an excerpt from that debate you can read or view:

Bob Springmeyer: Other than Olene Walker, we've had two consecutive Governors that have had ambitions for higher office. And they've been get along, go along Governors because of that. Not wanting to rock any boat, not wanting to disturb anything, because they really had ambitions for higher office. I've challenged you, and I'll challenge you again, Jon, will you make a commitment for a full four year term?
Governor Huntsman: That's exactly what I intend to do.
Governor Huntsman: You don't see us doing what our politicians have typically done.
We're here for two terms at the most, and then we'll move on and we'll let--
Bob Springmeyer: And you'll commit to finish out a full four year term?
Governor Huntsman: That's been our commitment, absolutely.

Nacilbupera feels it is important to not play partisan politics and to hold politicians--be it Democrat or Republican--to their words. It is sad to see such a quality individual as Huntsman so readily give up a campaign promise at the first offer of national exposure. Nacilbupera feels betrayed by the dishonesty of Governor Huntsman in keeping his word; what we need more of in this world--even more than qualified Ambassadors--is we need statesmen who will keep their word.

This is not meant as a tirade against Obama; indeed we require no "forgiveness" as Obama graciously elicited in his nomination speech (C-Span) for the nation's need for our popular Governor. However, Nacilbupera does fault Huntsman in not honoring his word. In his acceptance, Huntsman dodged his commitment to the people of the State of Utah and broke his word through this justification:
"But I grew up understanding that the most basic responsibility one has is service to country. When the President of the United States asks you to step up and serve in a capacity like this, that to me is the end of the conversation and the beginning of the obligation to rise to the challenge." (transcript ours)
Why then, Governor, when you had these feelings since the time you "grew up" did you not make it clear when given the opportunity by your opponent that if you had a President who asked you to be an Ambassador, a cabinet member, an undersecretary, whatever--you would feel the need to do honor that request? Why did you instead emphatically insist on committing to fulfilling a four-year term if the People would so permit you? Where is your word of honor?

Because of Huntsman's broken word, Nacilbupera does not support Huntsman in being confirmed as China's Ambassador. And we thus answer the title: no. Nacilbupera does not support Democrat Nancy Pelosi in retaining her Speakership because of her false denials regarding interrogations and we will not support Republican Jon Huntsman breaking his promise to the People of Utah.

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