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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Notre Dame Obama Supporter Offers No Hope and No Change in Abortion Policy

Yesterday, on "The Factor", commentator Bill O'Reilly hosted the above discussion between Notre Dame students Michael Lucien and Aldrich Anderson.

Nacilbupera takes argument with the "facts" as presented by Mr. Lucien: "...I disagree that Obama is THE most pro-choice President by nature of a speech he gave on April 29th he mentioned that he is no longer pursuing the Freedom of Choice Act..." (transcript ours).

The "speech" Lucien refers to is actually a response to CNN reporter Ed Henry questioning him on his position on the abortion topic being "above my pay grade." Note that Henry, not Obama brought up the issue.

Obama replied in his response to Henry's question: "the freedom of choice act [FOCA] is not my highest legislative priority". Re-prioritizing FOCA away from "first thing I'd do as president" is a whole lot different than no longer "pursuing" it. If Obama were no longer "pursuing" FOCA, he would have stated: "FOCA is no longer on my legislative agenda."

Lucien furthermore neglected to point out what Obama is "pursuing" as of late (May 7th) when it comes to abortion: repeal of the Dornan Amendment in his 2010 Budget. Such a repeal would effectively mean US taxpayers would be funding abortions in the District of Columbia.

Although Mr. Lucien is entitled to his opinion (proffered without a substitute president as the most pro-choice), Lucien should clarify his statement about Obama not "pursuing" FOCA.

Nacilbupera still claims Obama as the most anti-life President ever.


RightKlik said...

Obama is clearly the most anti-life president ever. He is shameless. Have you seen the ProLife Obama website?

nacilbupera said...

Thanks for pointing out the website which I wasn't aware of. If the only thing a pro-life read about Obama's position on abortion (it says nothing) then I guess one could be persuaded to vote for Obama.

Every party has its big tent. Republicans have conservative, homosexual "Log Cabin" Republicans and the Democrats have this...although admittedly I am still struggling to connect with this very "feel-good", "unity", "non-position" website...sounds like "yes we can"--yes we can what? Turn the country into a nanny state??