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Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Don't Know Cherilyn. Whatever.

Really. We're not trying to go after every radio talk show host in Utah. We have lots of great talk show hosts, including Doug Wright a fellow Republican on KSL radio--we believe Utah's largest radio station measured in listener-ship.

We typically listen to Rush Limbaugh on another station at the same time Doug Wright is so we're kind-of torn here: do we hear a Utah perspective or a national perspective? Hmmm, tough choice. Maybe we favor the national because our state is heaven compared to the problems the federal has created for itself. At any rate, we didn't catch this show until more recently so the show is a bit dated.

But our point doesn't seem dated. Though it is hard to follow a show without published transcripts as Utah radio shows tend to be, we have yet to uncover any newer discussions on the Senate race than found in this video we created on Doug's Sept. 15th show:

We're at a real dilemma now with one radio show host (Bob Lonsberry) that feels that Cherilyn Eagar "isn't bright" without an iota of supporting evidence and another (Doug Wright) that promotes "3 good MEN" one of whom really isn't running at all (Tim Bridgewater). We are beginning to feel like their might be some sexism going on here. Why didn't Wright say "3 good Republican candidates"? That would have abated the thoughts. But he said "3 good MEN" knowing their was a female candidate in the race he "didn't know personally." We are not accusing anyone of being sexist--after all we have had women in statewide offices including former Republican governor Olene S. Walker--and certainly there is a lack of evidence to do any sort of accusation. We also think highly enough of Wright and Lonsberry to dismiss the ideas of sexism--yet it wouldn't hurt for them to clarify their remarks either. Maybe it's a bummer having people pay close attention to what you say when you're on air.

We're not vying for endorsements from either. Wright probably endorses Bennett; Lonsberry endorses Shurtleff (or Chaffetz who isn't running at this point). But we think it important to treat the frontrunner in the race with more respect than just "whatever," "not bright," or to shirk on your responsibility as a media member by dismissing with an "I don't know her." Be fair like you preach to your audience; be Responsible Republicans yourselves.

One of the things we have learned through much research and applicable to our out-of-state like-minded readers is to study and follow your own officials. Campaign slogans such as Bennett's "Utah's Conservative Choice" can be more propaganda than descriptive--"Utah's Middleman" or "Utah's Compromiser" are more apropos in his case.


Anonymous said...

This is disingenuous: you aren't doing any research--you are carrying water for Eager.

Not only is Eager virtually unknown in Utah--which makes it fair that she would be unknown to a talk show host--she has little experience, either.

Stop acting like anything but what you are: a member of the Eager grassroots effort slinging mud on behalf of Eager.

nacilbupera said...


Actually, we've done enough research to learn how to spell correctly Eagar's surname. LOL.

Doug Wright was arrogant and dismissive in his remarks on this day. Perhaps Doug had a bad day. We prefer lending our ear to commentators who are informed and we believe that learning enough about ALL the candidates running for U.S. Senate MONTHS after the candidates had announced is not too much to ask of a major political talk show host. Do you really disagree? We do accept your premise that many voters in Utah haven't yet heard of Eagar, so she is out in full force to help gain awareness and support.

It’s real easy for you to sit behind an Anon posting and take your own shots of accusing us of slinging mud when we are trying to point out the fact--in a humorous way--a major political talk show host who SO robes himself in self-righteousness but was so clueless about the Senate race.

We're not trying to mock Doug mind you, he's done a great job and is an asset to our Republican cause. But please! Allow us some room to call it like we see it without the "slinging mud" accusation. If we're all that wound up about a bit of political satire, we'll all go to bed grumpy! YIKES!!!

Finally, a word on experience: if you are looking for another lawyer or career politician, than yep you have the wrong candidate. Yet Eagar has spend the better part of her lifetime fighting for issues that we hope you share in common with us. She is a VP of a company and understands what it takes to run a business as well. So if you want someone well versed in political backroom maneuvering and playing the earmarks-for-campaign-contributions-game then may we kindly suggest you consider voting for Bailout Bob. Heck, you might even get a free breakfast if you're a delegate!

As far as the acting bit? Golly gee, you caught us! Nacilbupera is serious Eagar astroturf here. Man, like we've already earned like $1M from the Eagar campaign for these blog posts and plan to retire when Eagar gets elected. Come on, people! Get real!!! Anyhows gotta go wet the dirt in my backyard so we can have MORE MUD!!! LOL.