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Friday, October 9, 2009

Cherilyn Eagar Scores Big Twice!

Cherilyn Eagar, whom we believe to be the unseen frontrunner candidate in Utah's 2010 US Senate Elections and a true conservative champion, had a double scoop of great news today.

First we were somewhat pleasantly surprised to hear Bob Lonsberry actually talk about Eagar on his show Thursday morning after really an unfair treatment in the beginning of her campaign. Although we do not expect an endorsement let alone an apology for this unfair treatment, Lonsberry--who twice reiterated his disinclination for Eagar--showed some genuine admiration for the tenacity for those of us who have rallied around Cherilyn:
I am noticing right now if there is a campaign going on the only one who seems to be engaged in it is Cherilyn Eagar...and I respect people who make an effort (full program here or watch clip below)

We welcome Lonsberry's praise albeit limited; at least we are ignored no longer.

Even better was today's announcement that Joseph Wurzelbacher better known as "Joe the Plumber" will be touring our state next month with Cherilyn. Watch the announcement below.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Lonsberry for at least seeing what Cherilyn is doing and taking the high road for a change. I don't mind differences of opinion, but it's nice to see recognition of accomplishments that Cherilyn is making.

Pam's Place said...

Lonsberry made a similar declaration about a week ago. Must be getting some pressure... though he doesn't hesitate to emphasize his basic disdain for Cherilyn. He will be one of those whom he suggests may be surprised in the end. There are many of us who will not be. We know who she is and what her capabilities are.

American Patriot said...

Great job, Cherilyn!

While Bob Lonsberry was rude toward Cherilyn, and his admiration was unquestionably begrudging, at least he finally said something halfway nice about her!

Now whether he was just trying to communicate to Shurtleff that he wants to see more effort, or he was being genuine, without any motives other than to comment, we probably won't know anytime soon.

Even though Bob calls Cherilyn a "lightweight," and he rudely comments that he doesn't think Cherilyn is a very "bright" candidate, he has finally descended from his mount atop his high horse, and has deigned to acknowledge the only Principled, pro-Liberty candidate who is actually in the race!

Just like when Bob turned his nose up at the Utah 9.12 Project Rally at the Utah State Capitol on 9/12 (which drew between 2,000 and 3,000 people), it's too bad that Bob laced his positive points with so much disdain; the way Bob said it makes clear how classy, or not, Bob Lonsberry is. However, WHAT he said speaks well of Cherilyn Eagar!

nacilbupera said...

We like your attitude towards Lonsberry; overall he is a great ally--we just disagree over his position on our candidate, Cherilyn.

Pam's Place:
Thank you for updating us on the similar statement made a week ago. Our full time employment prohibits a full listenership of Lonsberry's program.
Also, enjoyed visiting your blog. Your posting of Allie Winegar Duzett's "My Message to the World" is tremendously important and needs to be broadcast far and wide. We enjoy Allie's blog True Politics USA as well.

American Patriot:
Very insightful comments. Hard to read Lonsberry's motives. We noted that he was unable to back up his opinion of Cherilyn "not being bright" with AN ABSOLUTE PAUCITY of facts. In contrast, we present her numerous board positions and writings as testimony to her brightness.