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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Master Mr. Niceguy goes Postal

In my May 9th post, I coined the phrase "Master Mr. Niceguy" in describing Utah US Senate Candidate Tim Bridgewater. This week I received two pieces of campaign literature from the Bridgewater campaign (none from the Lee campaign) the back of one which shattered my image of Tim's Yoda-esque gentlemanliness:

Here was a great man tearing down his opponent as having "no plan." What?!? Does Tim think I'm stupid or something? As an avid follower of this race, I have felt all along Lee has a plan and actually has done an equally good job as Bridgewater in communicating it. So I went to the Lee campaign website to make sure Lee was still communicating a plan and there it was under his "issues" tab: a clearly defined plan called "Five Steps to a Return to Limited Government."
Continuing on the mailer, Bridgewater attacked Lee for "focusing on tearing down his opponent with negative attacks." Wait a minute Master Mr. Niceguy, you just got through a ripping of your fellow Republican candidate for not having a plan when you failed to provide one shred of evidence of this lack of a plan...and now you accuse him of negative attacks???? Can you not see the beam in your own eye?
Perhaps it was a poll released Thursday showing Lee with a small lead over Bridgewater that is now causing Bridgewater to start the negative attacks to reap the large percentage of undecideds in the state. Whatever the reason, it is clear Master Mr. Niceguy has gone postal.


Phillip Bell, EA said...

yeah, that is a pretty dumb mailer. maybe, I'll write myself in for Senator

nacilbupera said...

Phillip: LOL, you go man!

Crystal said...

Tim plays nice guy and may be he is but Mike is the one that is qualified and ready to represent Utah. I like Mike!!!!!!!

arc said...

It is only fair that you post the two flyers that Mike Lee sent out that Tim is condemning.

Mike can't have it both ways.
He has personally condemned what his campaign has been doing the last few weeks.

nacilbupera said...

Crystal: Thanks for the comment; btw here in Provo we had a nice marathon yesterday.


I don't work for the Lee campaign and don't have access to nor have I seen the Lee mailers you refer to. As I pointed out in the post, I did not receive any Lee mailers.

If you or anyone would email them to me, I'd be happy to give them a fair review. I simply reviewed what I had received.

Futhermore, I couldn't find any public release for Bridgewater's condemnation of Lee's flyers. Could you point me there as well?

Christopher said...

Off topic but found you on Right Klics blog and am now following yours,nice work here.

Michael and Jessica said...

Wow. That mailer left me speechless. Does Tim's campaign really think voters are that stupid?

Candace E. Salima said...

The only negative campaigning I have seen thus far has come from the Bridgewater camp. Mike Lee has stuck to his message and stayed on target. As Tim has shaped his campaign to look more like Mike's, and as he parrots Mike more and more he has stooped to the negative campaigning in an effort to get people to vote for him. As for me? That will not happen. Mike Lee has my vote.

nacilbupera said...


I wasn't sure which I liked better: your post Dick Morris on primaries or your newest post with the Challenger commercial video. Keep up the great work!

Michael and Jessica: That's a great question...but I don't dare ask BW...I'm still waiting on a reply from on my first question!

Candace: Having a big-time local patriot like you chime in is an honor, indeed! Thanks!

Candace E. Salima said...

Thank you so much, Nacilbupera. I am but a humble Utahan and American determined to save the constitutional government our Founding Fathers left us with. It is my honor to post a comment on your blog!