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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Book Review: Paper, Ink, & What I Think

About a week or so ago we finished Alfonzo Rachel’s book “Paper, Ink, & What I Think (Zo's Writ of Rants).” We highly recommend the book although if you aren’t familiar with Zo you might want to watch a few of his current videos on PJTV or older ones on YouTube. Here’s our all-time favorite:

Zo grew up in the “da hoody hood” of San Bernardino, CA, and developed into a…(deep breath) rock-hard Christian conservative. He is terribly funny and has a knack and talent for presenting the message in a funny, ebonistic-jive, down-to-earth sort of way you won’t get from Limbaugh or Hannity. He is a professional comedian, musician, political commentator, and proficient at the martial arts. Don’t call him African-American however: he prefers the term “Nubian” (read pages 95-6 for more info).

We were rather befuddled by the seeming lack of formal organization of the book at first but if you think of the book as the title indicates “writ of rants” and maybe even read aloud, if you’re like us you’ll soon become endeared. The memorable quotes from the book started coming in so fast that we actually had to write them all down to remember them starting from the first paragraph: “We should be able to drop kick liberalism into the land of missing sock makes.” Or this one later in the chapter: “The Second Amendment is our emergency tool to protect our Constitution, in the event the First is no longer effective in maintaining it.”

We would love to share with you all our fav quotes but don’t want to spoil the book so we’ll limit our sharing to one more: “Many people think [speaking in tongues] is strange but don’t think it strange when jazz singers scat, or when rock singers yell out a bunch of ???????...Christians however, are seen as weird for speaking in tongues. That’s messed up.”

To us, this isn’t a book for little kids; after all, this is funny yet serious political commentary for an adult audience. Whoa! We’re not talking “adult” in the porno sense here; just we wouldn’t let little kids watch SNL either. Simply put, Zo speaks his mind, and that’s Zo at his best. Even if you're apolitical, the book is worth its weight if nothing but the wonderful jive (ie: "daaaaaaang guuuuurrrrlll!')

To order Zo’s book, visit his website at: We picked up the book for a bargain under $15 which included postage.


sandyseashells said...

hahaha I like that. I good way to start my day.

nacilbupera said...

Sandy SS: Thx for the comment. Humor helps us survive during these difficult Obama years!

RightKlik said...

Zo has a great perspective. Thanks for the review. Wasn't aware he had a book out.

Soloman said...

I've really enjoyed 'Zo anytime I see his videos or read his writings.

Thanks for the review, I'll be adding it to my 'wish list' if family asks, or picking it up after the new year.