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Whoever examines with attention the history of the dearths and famines … will find, I believe, that a dearth never has arisen from any combination among the inland dealers in corn, nor from any other cause but a real scarcity, occasioned sometimes perhaps, and in some particular places, by the waste of war, but in by far the greatest number of cases by the fault of the seasons; and that a famine has never arisen from any other cause but the violence of government attempting, by improper means, to remedy the inconveniences of a dearth. (Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations IV.5.44)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Nacilbupera vs. Maddow: the video

We made this video as a response to promote the truth behind Maddow's false gay marriage-lowers-divorce assertion. Please watch/rate/share. Thanks.


Debbie said...

The woman is a loon. Certified crazy. Did she ever hear about "thinking before you speak?" Guess not.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

Rightwing Guy said...

added ya to my blogroll and on twitter, I'll talk to you later. keep up the good work.

nacilbupera said...

Debbie: We agree. If the only news available were from her, we'd be better off with no news.

RG: Thx. It will take a bunch of us working together to voice our opinion.

ALL: FYI I submitted the vid as a response to Maddow's orig vid on youtube at: the authors of the video, News1News, blocked my request of a video response and then rated my response video negatively. So much for allowing opposition speech...I guess that's what the country will look like if they get their way with "localism"