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Whoever examines with attention the history of the dearths and famines … will find, I believe, that a dearth never has arisen from any combination among the inland dealers in corn, nor from any other cause but a real scarcity, occasioned sometimes perhaps, and in some particular places, by the waste of war, but in by far the greatest number of cases by the fault of the seasons; and that a famine has never arisen from any other cause but the violence of government attempting, by improper means, to remedy the inconveniences of a dearth. (Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations IV.5.44)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Flag Day

Almost as a surprise after a disappointing National Prayer Day remembrance, President Obama issued this week a delightful celebration of Flag Day, encouraging us as citizens to fly our country's flag proudly this week beginning today in honor of the flag.

Nacilbupera is following the much missed leadership of our President and flying the flag today and this week (although we have unusual amounts of rain so forecasted so we may not be in compliance every day). We are proud of this great symbol of our country as it unites our 50 diverse states under the common constitution we share. America is the worldwide symbol of freedom, democracy, and republicanism (said even with a lower-case "r"). Americans proudly worship God through many divers forms, acknowledging without him we would not have America and a reason for Ol' Glory.

Today reminds Nacilbupera of a wonderful song "High on a Mountain Top", a classic Mormon hymn sung by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in conjunction with the 2002 Olympics. The hymn speaks of a banner of truth to be unfurled and all nations to look up to her for the truths that God promised he would disseminate to us his children. It puts a tremendous obligation on us as citizens of the United States of America to be the country of liberty, truth, and nobleness we are in our hearts but not always our individual actions; to free ourselves by eliminating corruption and deceit; and to having power given to no man but power consented to our government from her equal citizens endowed with "unalienable rights".

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